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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC

Hi Matthias,


I’m delighted to hear about the uptake of EDXL in parts of Europe and am happy to have you as a TC member.  I saw your comment posted on the Google list where our friend Art Botterell replied.  It would be great to get your involvement in the TC in some form.  It is difficult to include participants in a different time zone, however, our Subcommittees (SC) often arrange their hours to make such accommodation.  For example when the CAP Australia Profile was being worked in SC, the meetings were held at a time when our Australian stakeholders could participate.


Most of our technical work is done in SC by our TC members.  You might want to consider joining these SCs to have your opinions and ideas heard.  If there is an SC doing work in an area you are interested, the chair will try to accommodate your schedule to include you in calls.  The Infrastructure and Message/Notification SCs are busy dispensing comments and resolving issues from public comment for DE 2.0 and SitRep 1.0 right now.  The CAP SC will be starting work on the CAP 2.0 soon.  There is also some interesting work going on in the Reference Information Model (RIM) SC, HAVE 2.0 being worked developed and the new Tracking of Emergency Patients (TEP) work is underway.  We would be happy for you and your colleagues to join the dialog.




Elysa Jones, Chair


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