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emergency message

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Subject: DE 2.0



I’m happy to report that Jeff Waters, chair of the Infrastructure SC has notified me that the DE 2.0 has been approved by the SC for recommendation to the EM-TC.   This is wonderful news which we all share.  Congratulations to the team that has worked this valuable specification!  Please take the time to review the recommended working draft and supporting minutes and issues list details on the IF-SC site.  The draft to be presented to the TC for consideration next Tues is sited in the minutes found at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-if/download.php/46008/DRAFT-05-15-12-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.odt


I’m sure Jeff and his team would appreciate it if you find any concerns or comments, to address them to the emergency list for all to see and discuss prior to our meeting.


“See” you on Tues,


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