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emergency message

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Subject: DHS-S&T EDXL Support



It is with regret to say that I have been informed by Denis Gusty of DHS S&T that his office will not be able to continue the EDXL development work. 

I do not expect this will affect the overarching DHS OASIS membership under which FEMA, NIMS, NIEM and other support team participants have access to OASIS.  I will be confirming this with OASIS staff and also discussing it with our DHS members.  I’m sorry to inform you without more information but wanted to let you know before I mention it at the EIC meeting today.  I do not know if other DHS members will be on the call but wanted to be able to discuss it with that group to gather any suggestions they may have.  This will be an agenda item for our EM-TC call on Tuesday.  We certainly appreciate the support S&T has provided to our EM Standards Development efforts.  We discuss an appropriate note to Denis on our call as well.


Kind regards,

Elysa Jones, Chair




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