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Subject: Request for Agenda Item at EM-TC Call on 18 June 2013 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]


Elysa / Werner,


I would like to propose the following agenda item for the EM-TC call scheduled on 18 June 2013 - “Recommendation to update the CAP-AU Profile”


The preferred process for OASIS to “maintain CAP Profiles” was originally raised at EM-TC on 9 April 2013 (refer meeting note 4.c.ix) but detailed discussion was deferred until the CAP SC call held on April 24, 2013 during the CAP workshop in Geneva (refer draft meeting note 2).


The CAP SC attendees agreed on April 24th that there is no facility in OASIS to do the work of maintaining CAP profiles.  The CAP SC recommended that I undertake the following process if a revised CAP-AU profile needs to be endorsed by OASIS:

·         Redline the latest approved CAP-AU Profile document to capture the identified changes (COMPLETED – see the attached file)

·         Bring the redlined document to the EM-TC as a recommendation (COMPLETED – see the attached file)

·         The EM-TC would then take action anticipated to include a review to make sure the changes are reasonable and potentially re-activating CAP Profiles SC for the purpose of updating the CAP-AU profile. (Proposed action at 18 June 2013 EM-TC meeting)

·         I would be expected to do the majority of the editing work and participate in the SC and TC activities.   

·         Others in the TC who have an interest in CAP Profiles would be asked to join the Profiles SC to validate any changes

·         After approval by the SC, it will be sent back to the TC for action. 


Accordingly, the attached file is submitted for EM-TC consideration.  The file details the changes to the current CAP-AU Profile Committee Specification 01 ( edxl-cap1.2-au-v1.0-cs01 ) that are recommended by the Australian CAP Stakeholders Group.   This file is formatted as a WORD 97-2003 document.

·         All changes are shown as revision marks / redlines. 

·         There are a number of questions embedded in comment bubbles that also need to be reviewed and answered.






Greg Trott 


CAP-AU Custodian for the Australian Government standard for Common Alerting Protocol

Australian Government Attorney-General's Department


Download the CAP-AU-STD from www.em.gov.au/CapAuStd

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Attachment: CAP-AU Profile Revision 1 (edxl-cap1.2-au-v1.0-cs01).DOC
Description: CAP-AU Profile Revision 1 (edxl-cap1.2-au-v1.0-cs01).DOC

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