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Subject: Energy Market Information Exchange Charter - supporters wanted; readyfor submission to create technical commitee

Energy Interop TC members --

This is related to the work of our TC. I've also posted this on smartgrid-discuss, b2g, i2g, and to a number of individuals.

The attached charter for the OASIS Energy Market Information Technical Committee is ready for submission to OASIS to formally create the TC after a review period.

If you would like to be added as a supporter, please contact me (wtcox@CoxSoftwareArchitects.com)  and Toby Considine (Toby.Considine@gmail.com) immediately; I'll be sending reconfirmation emails to those on my list in the next 24 hours or so.

This work addresses portions of the price cross cutting issue and priority action plan in the NIST Smart Grid program, though the genesis predates that work. See section 6.2.1 of the Interim Roadmap at http://www.nist.gov/smartgrid/InterimSmartGridRoadmapNISTRestructure.pdf and the Priority Action Plan (a living document) at http://collaborate.nist.gov/twiki-sggrid/bin/view/_SmartGridInterimRoadmap/PAP09DRDER .

Background information from the first draft charter (message at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/smartgrid-interest/200903/msg00003.html ). Thanks to the many reviewers; all remaining errors are mine.

This TC is intended to address the prices, market characteristics, and other information for energy trading, buying, and selling. I was inspired to start working on this from discussions in and around the NIST Building-to-Grid and Industry-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Groups, and continued interest from first round reviewers and from people attending GridEcon 2009 in Chicago (http://www.gridecon.com -- slides are available on line at the agenda link).

>From my perspective as an enterprise software architect, this fits into a simple three layer stack with interoperation protocols (how to communicate) as the fundamental layer. I put the OASIS Energy Interoperation TC/OpenADR work here (http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=energyinterop ), with parts of the message payload in the next layer.

The middle layer is what is communicated -- for markets, things like price, quantity, units, time (of use), and characteristics of the energy sold -- from source (e.g. gas-fired plants, coal, solar, coal plant with scrubbers, wind) to derived information (e.g. carbon data), and also trading information (is this a bid, a price quote, an accepted transaction?).

The goal is to create an XML vocabulary that can be used in a broad range of market exchanges with minimal differences (and where there are differences, arranged in a simple way) for the various consumers of the information.

The third layer is the market design and definition; since markets have varying degrees of complexity I'm leaving this alone for now :-). This is a potentially complex area, and an interesting one. Accordingly, I'd like to carefully define the EMIX work to focus on layer two.

Thanks for your interest.

bill cox
William Cox
Email: wtcox@CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
Web: http://www.CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
+1 862 485 3696 mobile
+1 908 277 3460 fax

Energy Market Information Exchange TC Charter 20090728..pdf

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