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Subject: RE: [energyinterop] Value of Constraints in DR and Automation.

Thanks, Rish


OpenADR Constraints also exchange ConstraintBehavior with each constraint. As translated into the current draft of EnergyInterop, this looks like:


                <xs:element name="eiConstraintBehavior" type="eitc:EiConstraintBehaviorType"/>

                <xs:simpleType name="EiConstraintBehaviorType">


                                                <xs:documentation>Modify the DR event parameters so hat they legally fall within the bounds of the onfigured parameters.</xs:documentation>


                                <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

                                                <xs:enumeration value="Accept">


                                                                                <xs:documentation>Simply accept the issued DR event regardless of any conflicts</xs:documentation>



                                                <xs:enumeration value="Reject">


                                                                                <xs:documentation>Reject any DR events that conflict with configured constraints</xs:documentation>



                                                <xs:enumeration value="Force">


                                                                                <xs:documentation>Regardless of what the issued DR events parameters are (even if there is no conflict) force them to be the parameters that were configured as part of the program.</xs:documentation>



                                                <xs:enumeration value="Restrict"/>




My question is a business process description of the ConstraintBehavior



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Toby Considine
TC9, Inc

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U.S. National Inst. of Standards and Tech. Smart Grid Architecture Committee


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From: Girish Ghatikar [mailto:gghatikar@lbl.gov]
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 3:44 PM
To: OASIS-EnergyInteropTC
Subject: [energyinterop] Value of Constraints in DR and Automation.



As per our discussion during April 20 TC meeting, the following is the business context for value of "constraint" services. These were part of OpenADR v1.0. Let me know if you've questions. 


Toby -- Please use them as appropriate. 


Value of Constraints:


The value of constraints applies to the buildings that participate in the DR programs, to the DR Service Providers (e.g., Utilities or ISOs), etc. with many benefits, including promoting consumer choice.


Within buildings, the service offers the consumers (commercial, industrial, or residential buildings), participants (e.g., facility managers) the confidence to participate in DR programs knowing that they are not subjected to shed when we cannot participate on certain terms (e.g., black-out dates). This service helps consumers more comfortable about participating in the DR programs, especially using automated DR programs where there is no human in the loop. This is an important requirement if we would like the EI standards to be used across a wider consumer-base and automation of DR programs.


This service is also useful for the DR service providers. The information on non-participation allows, them to forecast the availability of loads for sheds for a certain day, time, etc. and schedule their DR events across a consumer-base accordingly. If a constraint says that consumers within certain DR program cannot participate by setting constraints, this information can be used to better estimate shed response and customer participation and make intelligent business decisions prior to issuing the DR event.


Thank you,


Rish Ghatikar
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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