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Subject: Re: [energyinterop] Extra Attributes on Products

Makes some sense to me, but not all CTS-supporting markets are electricity markets.

Having the capability of describing Hz and voltage is important, but it can be in the marketContext (per market) or product definition (per product) where electricity is the resource.

The choice of the TE user would be at the market level for Toby's suggestion, at the product level in the initial proposal. I suspect this would be a configuration, not an operational change.

But we need to consider non-electricity markets. I doubt that Hz is meaningful in water or natural gas markets, so would this be a cached-in-market-context approach?



On 3/18/21 9:18 AM, Considine, Toby wrote:
The original EMIX was imagining a global market-place, where 220 V power and 110V power might coexist in the same market. It really walked past DC microgrids entirely, which have been growing in import, largely through the efforts of the E-Merge alliance. Frequency is one of the attributed communicated.

Try as I might, I cannot think of a CTS market in which European Power and North American power coexist. I cannot see AC and DC in the same CTS market. 

I would like to make these attributes part of the market context, and exclude them from the individual product definitions. This would simplify the CTS product descriptions (Everything in this market is for 110 volt power. or 220, and all is DC). Any comments?


William Cox 

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