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Subject: RE: UML for Position Facet and for CtsStreams

In all the back and forth with Bill and David, we did not send these to the TC




From: William Cox <wtcox@coxsoftwarearchitects.com>
Sent: Thursday, September 9, 2021 10:24 AM
To: EITC <energyinterop@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: David Holmberg <david.holmberg@nist.gov>; Toby Considine <Toby.Considine@gmail.com>
Subject: UML for Position Facet and for CtsStreams


I've attached two PNGs (and included inline) for today's discussion. The working text (wd09-WIP2) is attached as a PDF.

I've included the EiPayloads PNG for discussion of the appropriateness and necessity for use of CtsStreams.

Our first UML diagram is the definition of CtsStream, a profiled WS-Calendar Stream that carries a long value and the number of decimal digits. The concrete StreamBase (called CtsStream) includes the stream interval duration and the start time (streamStart) for the concrete stream. The number of decimal digits is in the StreamBase.

The individual StreamIntervals contain the payload (long) and a possibly-option UID. I've used the ordered attribute for the streamIntervals, which could be implemented as an array or ordered list.

Created with Enterprise Architect (Build: 1555) 2

Using the CtsStream in the Position Facet payloads we get (only change is EiReplyPosition):

Created with Enterprise Architect (Build: 1555) 2

Recall that the boundingInterval in the EiRequestPosition payload gives the interval of interest; the return values are those that fit into the boundingInterval (as a closed interval - an appropriate response are intervals that fit entirely inside the boundingInterval, e.g. those intervals of the product/market granularity such that

    boundingInterval.dtStart >= start of response interval // response interval starts at the same time as boundingInterval or later


    boundingInterval.dtStart + boundingInterval.duration >= end of response interval    // response interval ends at the same time as boundingInterval or before




William Cox 

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