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Subject: RE: [energyinterop] Presentation to OpenADR working group

Hi Rolf,


We discussed on the call what we might present. The first problem is that Bill, Toby and I all hope to participate in a PNNL TE Workshop that is exactly at that time (10-12 PT). So, one option is to see if you can move the meeting. If that is not an option, then perhaps we get all the slides done together and you present. What do you think?


As for contents, the high-level messages are:

  • EITC is close to having a working draft ready for informal review by the working group. We hope that many of you will review and identify any missing elements or problems where it does not meet your use cases.
  • CTS transactive services and OpenADR event services both come from Energy Interoperation.
  • CTS uses different services, primarily tenders and transactions, for procuring/acquiring energy. Our main use case is for a facility purchasing next-day energy in response to market prices given estimated energy needs. This could also be used for a DR event type application where a utility sends out a request for tenders to meet the DR need, perhaps at a lower cost.


Beyond that, we can look at the individual pieces around how this differs from OpenADR event communications, how a utility might use it, etc. We should meet up to go over that together next week.





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Subject: [energyinterop] Presentation to OpenADR working group




I may join a bit late today so I wanted to send this out here. We have a working group call next week Thursday at 10am PDT. It would be great if one person could present the gist of the discussions there. 15-20 min would be good.





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