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Subject: Re: Catalog Requirements (resend after 2-day bounce)

| 3) Terry said:
| '"URI" is a mischievous coinage, and I eye its usage warily ...'
| It is an attempt not to limit ourselves to URLs, on the assumptions
| that URNs (or other) may yet be practical. Since URN provides still
| another level of indireciton here, so we need to limit ourselves
| to URLs?  (Hope not, but real question.)

What I mean is that URI means "URL or URN", but the "or" isn't
clearly inclusive or exclusive.  Thus the use of "URI" can 
confuse discussion.  I don't think that's happening here; I
just wanted to be sure.

We do need to figure out how mappings from URNs to URLs, URNs to
URNs, URLs to URNs, and URLs to URLs (generically, using inclusive
"or", URIs to URIs) interact with what we already have in the

What bad happens if we just add a URI>URI function?  (I don't
know, I'm asking to see whether the simplest solution would 

regards, Terry

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