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Subject: Re: first proposal

Hi Lauren;

RE: First Proposal

The XML Catalog Proposal draft 0.4, contains good work, and I applaud it.

However, the issues that I have with the use of the nomenclature "remap".  So, 
reading this draft sheds useful light on the subject, and brings me to making 
this suggestion:  Might we not make the intention of the semantics clear by 
changing the name "map" to "publicMap", and changing the name "remap" to 
"systemMap"?  Because they do not behave in the same manner on their subsequent 
searches over the Public and Default entries, there is need for a clear 

Additionally, there is the issue of relative and absolute URLs, and the means 
of establishing the base as the point of departure for the relative 
references.  Not wanting to be pedantic, the difficulties in establishing and 
maintaining a base have been my persistant motivation to exclude relative URLs 
altogether from my work, and always use absolute references.  I don't think it 
is technically necessary nor popular to require absolute references in an 
international standard, but a suggestion to the effect that they are the 
default reference may be appropriate.

David Leland

Lauren Wood <lauren@sqwest.bc.ca> on 11/29/2000 09:55:40 AM
To: entity-resolution@lists.oasis-open.org
cc:  (bcc: David Leland/LONDON/FINANCIAL TIMES)
Subject: first proposal

I will admit to being slightly confused as to where all this map and 
remap discussion came from. So let's try and start somewhere 
where we all know where we are, including those who are 
subscribed to this mailing list but aren't members of the TC.

One proposal is that we start with John Cowan's XCatalog, now 
called XML Catalog, syntax and change that to meet out needs. So 
I would like to propose that everyone read his document available at
and that we then figure out whether it makes a suitable starting 


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