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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: first proposal

At 17:27 2000 12 03 -0800, Lauren Wood wrote:
>On 3 Dec 2000, Tony Coates wrote:
>> On 29/11/2000 14:11:23 Norman Walsh wrote:
>> >Matter of taste, I guess. That means we have four choices:
>> >
>> >1. All UPPERCASE, as per 9401
>> >2. All lowercase
>> >3. camelCase like XML Schema, Java identifiers, etc.
>> >4. CamelCase like the SGML DocBook DTD (though only because case
>> >   didn't matter)
>> Sorry to do this, but I would like to suggest #5:
>> 5. UpperCamelCase for elements, lowerCamelCase for attributes.
>> Privately, the touch-typist in me prefers lower-case-with-hyphens
>Which would be proposal number 6? If we're figuring out which of 1-
>5, why not 1-6?
>The main reason I don't like all lower, or all upper, is that the words 
>run together. Almost anything that solves that problem gets my vote. 

Mixed case is going to cause problems for users.  Mixing mixed
case (sometimes UpperCamelCase sometimes lowerCamelCase) is
even more confusing.

I know the DOM uses mixed case, and so does Java.  But they are
programming languages.  We're talking about a catalog that a user
needs to be able to create and modify, and many catalog users will
not be programmers.

Given both Tony's and Lauren's comment, I would vote for 


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