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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: first proposal

At 15:33 2000 12 04 +0000, David Leland wrote:
>on 12/04/2000, Paul Grosso wrote;
>>I know the DOM uses mixed case, and so does Java.  But they are
>>programming languages.  We're talking about a catalog that a user
>>needs to be able to create and modify, and many catalog users will
>>not be programmers.

>I suggest that the lowerCase or UpperCase CamelSyntax would be fine, as best 
>harmonises with the rest of the forward looking (not deprecated, etc.) 
>standards for markup rules and usage.

This issue has been discussed before in other venues, and XSLT and 
XSL FOs use lowercase-with-hyphens and XHTML uses lowercase.  The
common formatting properties (shared by CSS and XSL and perhaps SVG)
use lowercase or lowercase-with-hyphens.  That is, most of the more
recent ("forward looking"?) W3C standards have stayed away from camelCase.


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