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entity-resolution message

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Subject: agenda for ER teleconference 20001211

Here is the agenda for the ER TC teleconference 20001211, at 2 - 3 
pm Pacific time.

Main discussion topic: the first proposal, based on John Cowan's 
XCatalog, to be found at 

discussion points:
0) lower case vs camel case vs hyphens vs upper case
1) proposal to accept John's XCatalog as a starting point
2) proposal to drop <base> in favour of xml:base
3) proposal to rename <map> to <public>
4) proposal to rename <remap> to <system>
5) a) names for the attributes, e.g., PublicId and HRef - should 
these be the same for all or most elements?
b) what should the names be, if they are all the same?
6) element type name for the imported/included/chained catalog


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