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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: minutes from ER teleconference 20010108

Paul Grosso wrote:
> At 14:58 2001 01 08 -0800, Lauren Wood wrote:
> >Roll: Dave, Lauren, Paul, Norm, Tony
> >
> >Agenda:
> I realized we should probably be approving the previous week's
> minutes at the beginning of each meeting.  I suggest we plan
> to do this from now on.

Good point.

> >The name of the thing that points to the next catalog: nextCatalog - no
> >objections. The attribute is called "uri" - no objections.
> >
> >Interior nested element: Norm proposes "group" (perhaps until we come up
> >with something better) - no objections.
> >
> >Should the "delegate" element's attribute currently called "catalog" be
> >called "uri"? Some discussion - leave as "catalog" for the time being -
> >open issue.
> Though the above minutes seem to indicate that the "right-hand side"
> attribute name for nextCatalog would be "uri", as Norm's new sample
> showed, he and I both understood that our final decision was to revert
> the "right-hand side" attribute name for *both* nextCatalog and delegate
> to "catalog".  There certainly was a bit of flip-flopping on my part
> there, so it's understandable that the minutes are a little unclear
> on this.

The minutes reflect the minute-taker's confusion - I hadn't realised
that changing the attribute names for both was what we'd agreed on. I
have no objections to marking both attributes names as open issues.


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