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Subject: Comments on latest draft

Dear TC

I have just read the latest draft specification (2001-06-12).  Here are some

1)  I was interested to know what the motivation was for the rewrite catalog
entries.  While I can see clear merits for the proposal, the minutes do not
give any background.  Was the prime motivation for this proposal to create a
method for dealing with mirror sites containing lots of DTDs, or was it
intended as a way of dealing with SAX processors that absolutize URIs before
handing them over to the EntityResolver?

2) 6.3.4 says "A system entry matches a system identifier if the system
identifier is lexically identical to the normalized value of the systemId
attribute of the entry."  Presumably "normalized" here is a reference to the
algorithm described in section 6.2.  If so, this could be made clearer.

3) "6.2 System Identifier and URI Normalization" gives the impression that
all system Identifiers will be %-escaped before matching with catalog
entries (that will also be %-escaped).  However, the wording in 6.3.5 and
6.3.7 uses the term "identifier begins precisely...".  What does "precisely"
mean in this context? What normalization, %-escaping et al is brought into
play here?

4)  For the rewriteSystem element, is the systemIdStart string intended to
be compared with the [%-escaped?] system identifier from the xml document
being processed, or should it be compared to the system identifier after it
has been absolutized, just like you get from a SAX Entity Resolver
interface?  (reference to our question (1)). It's important that we know the
committee's intention on this one.

5) 'rewrite' entries just return a string.  I believe you expect the xml
processor to de-reference this string instead of the original system
identifier, but within the same context as the original system identifier.
In other words, relative URIs returned from 'rewrite' entries will be
resolved relative to the document entity that contained the original system
identifier.  Is this the intention?

Thanks in advance...

Kind regards
Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology

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