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Subject: Re: 3 implementations

On 29/08/2001 17:31:29 Lauren Wood wrote:

>The reason is to make sure this thing is of real value to OASIS member
>organizations before making them decide whether it is an OASIS standard.
>Getting that seal of approval isn't meant to be a rubber stamp; member
>companies rightly want to know why it should be approved by OASIS. And
>if you can't get 3 out of more than 200 member companies to bother to
>implement it, how useful is it?

This sounds a bit like the "not invented here" syndrome becomes "not implemented here" for OASIS.  If there are already 3 useful implementations, why would we expect 200 member companies to implement the same thing?  Why would we expect even 3 member companies to implement the same thing?  I don't see it, I'm afraid.

What if at least 3 (or N < 10) OASIS members acknowledged that they were using implementations of an TC spec, even if they didn't write it themselves?  Wouldn't that provide the kind of safety/sanity check that OASIS is apparently looking for?

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