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entity-resolution message

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Subject: minutes from ER TC phone call 20030429

Present: Norm, Normand, Ardo, Mark, Lauren
Regrets: Paul

Since there is one issue with the current draft and it was raised by 
Paul, we will wait until we are sure the issue has been clarified 
sufficiently before moving to committee specification.

Implementation Guide: Mark's idea is that this is one example of how 
to implement it. It is very specific to Debian, and should be 
retitled to reflect that. The goal is optimization for parsing. The 
first catalog parsed delegates the lookup to the correct catalog for 
a given package. Then it is further delegated to the correct local 
catalog. This is different to the SGML case, where all the catalogs 
are parsed until the right one is found. The XML version in Debian is 
trickier to implement. 

We should probably find an implementation guide for another system if 
Debian is to be one example (a simpler way to implement) and compare.

Are we trying to do implementation guides, or tutorials on how to set 
up catalog-based systems? The latter is probably more useful to more 
people, so we should concentrate on that. Norm will email the DocBook 
mailing list to ask if anyone has written a tutorial. 

A tutorial outline would be useful. Lauren can put together a 
tutorial outline before our next phone call. If Mark has time first, 
he will do so.

Next phone call: Tue May 27th. We will want to move the spec to 
committee specification then. 



Lauren Wood, Textuality
Chair, XML 2003 http://www.xmlconference.org

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