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Subject: Re: TC.ProjectPlan: roles and responsibilities: chair

As a follow up to last week's post, here are a list of duties that the chair
is responsible for.

When the rest of you post, do feel free to use the
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.shtml for reference.  They
can be ironed out as time progresses, but it is a set of duties that each
one of us feels we can be accountable for.

HumanMarkup Chair Duties
-Keep TC moving towards Charter
-Speak for TC for PR
-Ensure compliance with IPR
-Schedule meetings, arrange facilities
-Create meeting agendas
-Follow duties described by "Roberts Rules of Order, Article X Section 58"
-Monitor both Discussion Lists
-Develop and maintain project plan
-Validate roles for group members interested in formally/informally
contributing to this TC
-Maintain accountability for completion of all technical committee, and
subcommittee related, tasks.

Other Administrative Roles
Editor (can be broken down depending on documents if needed) - Kurt
Secretary - Rex
Webmaster - Rex

Technical Roles (depending on whether we formally vote on creating
subcommittees or not for all of these areas)
HumanML_Write Facilitator/Chair - Joe
VR Subcommittee Facilitator/Chair? - Rob
Physical Description Subcommittee Facilitator/Chair? - Sudhakar
RDF Facilitator/Chair- Sean
XML Schema Facilitator/Chair- Len


It would be great if the all the first meeting participants state this, at
this initial stage at least.
Of course, everyone is invited to do so as well.
     Ranjeeth, Joe, Kurt, Rex, Sean, Rob, Sudhakar, and Len (since we
nominated him)

(Len:  BTW, I nominated you to facilitate the XML Schema development effort.
Since you aren't part of the private TC list, I, or someone else, can
represent your interests here))


Sudhakar might be bringing in a lot of work that is very strongly related,
yet work can still function autonomously.  Thus, I think a subcommittee is
certainly appropriate in this case, but do provide a potential mission
statement.  Rob, I invite you to make do the same.

Even if we do/don't form subcommittees, we still would participate in roles
related to our own research interests.  We can decide, of course, at our
next meeting.

New Role:  HumanML_Write Facilitator

The HumanML_Write application that Joe started off creating really is a very
important application, and I hope everyone has had a chance to look at it.
Of course, HumanMarkup is not about developing applications, but this
application is our cornerstone, IMO.  It is a universally usable yet simple
application that allows end-users and non-SME's to get a feel for what our
project is about.  If it is properly cultivated, it is a very important open
source application.

For this project, we need a facilitator, and I nominate Joe.  (Joe:
although you currently accepted the role of non-technical Editor, I think
the HumanML_Write role is an essential one, if you accept.  The
non-technical editing, which is a full time job in and of itself, could be

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