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Subject: Re: TC.ProjectPlan: deliverables & understudies

(please provide comments for this if you feel necessary)

9.28.01 Amalgamate content from TC Discussion List into first draft
HumanMarkup Phase 1 Project Plan
9.28.01 determine collaboration server for group
9.28.01 establish all roles/duties, for those who choose to take them on
9.28.01 determine ownership of individual documents for editing, if needed
9.28.01 all TC documents are brought up to Working Draft Stage

10.05.01 All initial HM and HMI documents are brought to Working Draft Stage
10.05.01 Synopsis of Phase 0, chronological progression
10.05.01 Synopsis of Phase 1, chronological progression
10.05.01 Class hierarchy (beta) synchronized with current HM.Frameworks

The TC.ProjectPlan will supercede the old TC.Deliverables document.  We'll
have deliverables due on a consistent weekly basis...Fridays at noon.  We
can formalize this consistent timeframe at the next TC meeting, for the
group to agree whether this is an acceptable timeframe to work around.

Since this is a pro-bono project, members can be AWOL at any time, so
understudies will ensure no bottlenecks.

Primary Responsibility          Understudy Responsibility
Understudy(2) and/or Chair Responsibility
Friday noon -----------------> following Tuesday noon ------------------->
following Friday noon

Thus, at most, any deliverable will be delayed a week, with three different
parties responsible

Again, according to OASIS, the chair is ultimately responsible for the TC.

Administrative Understudies (proposed)

This is only proposed list, to be authorized at next meeting.
The Editor role may be too large for one person, and can be delegated as

Technical Understudies (TBD)
HumanML_Write -->
XML Schema -->
VR -->
Physical Description-->

Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga

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