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Subject: [humanmarkup] Working Session #1

Title: Working Session #1
Hi Everyone,

In an attempt to maintain the open, public requirement for our work, I have decided to post transcripts of these  chat sessions which I can later link to the website through the mail archives, the same way we do with the minutes of our regular monthly meetings.

So here is the transcript of our informal working session yesterday, which was held in a Yahoo IM conference chat:

Yahoo! Messenger: You are now logged into voice conference - rkthunga-94739.

Yahoo! Messenger: quantumevent1 has joined the conference.

rexbroo: I'll be back in about 13 minutes--10 EST OK?

quantumevent1: ok

rkthunga: hey guys, good that we made it...sounds good, let me go take care of a couple of things as well

quantumevent1: ok

Yahoo! Messenger: quantumevent1 has left the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: quantumevent1 has left the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: quantumevent1 has joined the conference.

kurt_cagle: Hey guys.

kurt_cagle: Who's quantum event?

rexbroo: Hi, I'm back sorta. I'll be in and out a lot, getting dinner ready.

rexbroo: Hi Kurt. Quantum is Rob Nixon

kurt_cagle: Are you doing voice, or is this text only?

kurt_cagle: Hi Rob!

rkthunga: hey Kurt...glad you made it...this'll be text

rexbroo: I just spent the day at a Web Services Seminar at IBM's Partnerworld Solutions Center--about 80 people, and all the free software they got stuff onto to 2 cds

rkthunga: The purpose, as I see it, is to help develop the momentum for our efforts in the right direction.

kurt_cagle: I envy you.

rexbroo: Wjhat, you don't like sinister?

kurt_cagle: It is pretty sinister, isn't it.

rexbroo: Ranjeeth is a dexter-phile. I knew it!

Yahoo! Messenger: quantumevent1 has logged back in. (2/25/2002 at 7:09 PM)

rexbroo: I made all sorts of wunnerful contacts, I am glad I made myself get up death early and migrate across the bay.

rkthunga: i am assuming you are speaking in some sort of secret code...some fantasy/sci-fi references I'm sure

rexbroo: No, latin. Dexter is right, sinister is left.

kurt_cagle: I've always thought Dexter was a little fishy, myself.

rexbroo: Hiya Rob.

rkthunga: Dexter, as in dubya?

kurt_cagle: Dexter as in Dextrose.

kurt_cagle: Or dexterity.

rexbroo: Hadn't thought of it in that light, so I guess we'll have to say no, I don't think you're a closet replubiccrat.

Yahoo! Messenger: quantumevent1 has joined the conference.

kurt_cagle: From the Greek dexter

rexbroo: Hiya Rob, Is yer browser bonko?

rkthunga: rob is talking to us

rexbroo: I heard him, but my voice kicked out.

rkthunga: unfortunately, my mic is schizo, so I'll have to type instead

rexbroo: Voice isn't working very well, except for Kurt's cat.

kurt_cagle: Sounds like a monkey.

rkthunga: all i hear is strange music and animal sounds

quantumevent1: So far, I'm not hearing anyone. I know this works since I've been talking to my wife in Japan. Do we all want to type?

kurt_cagle: The music is Starbucks.

rexbroo: Let's stick to text, okay?

kurt_cagle: Yes, by all means. I hate non-text.

rkthunga: (i kinda figured Kurt )

quantumevent1: ok

kurt_cagle: Of course.

rexbroo: I was telling everyone about my long and wonderful day at IBM.

rkthunga: anyway, let's start our 'informal' discussion (I guess it's been pretty informal so far already...)

kurt_cagle: Actually, what happened at IBM?

rexbroo: It was a seminar about Web Services in general and IBM's Web Sphere suite of ide programs to handle SOAP and UDDI and make web apps.

rexbroo: One of the main speakers was Doug Tidwell who wrote the O'Reilly XSLT book I'm using. I made some good contacts and mentioned out work as well as the WSIA's.

kurt_cagle: Doug's a good guy. I've met him at other conferences.

rkthunga: Do you see yourself programming using Web Sphere?

rexbroo: I will be following up, and I mentioned Joe's HumanML_Report too. So I may try to do a version in their suite to pull them in.

rexbroo: Probably, but mostly demo's like I just mentioned. However some of their Java IDE makes sense.

rexbroo: And their UDDI directory services, too.

rexbroo: But that's about it.

rexbroo: For now at least. I have a lot of exploring to do.

kurt_cagle: Are they beginning to target UDDI to intra-enterprise applications?

rkthunga: is it free, or is it a trial version btw?

rexbroo: I talked to Doug about the move to all XML all the time. He commiserated.

kurt_cagle: What was his feelings viz the direction of XSLT?

rexbroo: Both. You know it's supposed to time out, but if you uninstall and reinstall you can just carry on. I didn't tell you that and they didn't either.

rexbroo: We didn't have time to talk deeply. There were 80 other people or so, still I did schmooze my best.

rkthunga: 'look the other way' trialware.

rkthunga: what is your conclusion from the contacts you made?

rexbroo: Having it on disk is going to be a help, downloading these suckers, even with good broadband connections and two of them is just the pits.

rexbroo: My conclusion is that I made more people aware that we are here.

rexbroo: And I made more contacts at IBM among people who don't usually get to talk to each other and now will.

kurt_cagle: Always good.

rexbroo: And I have my foot in the developerWorks, PartnerWorld door big time.

rkthunga: anyone interested in participating within our effort directly?

rexbroo: I forgot the name of the woman you told me to look up. Kurt, but I will mention it around as I start playing email tag with this expanded group of about 7-8 people I can chat with.

rexbroo: Maybe, but I am working the field slowly.

rexbroo: I don't want to scare anyone off, just draw them in with stuff that relates to what they are doing in a mutual help sort of way...

rexbroo: Rob, you still here?

quantumevent1: yes...

rexbroo: I wanted to ask you what's up, you said your wife is in Tokyo?

kurt_cagle: Marsha Dunn is the person I was asking about, but no big deal.

rexbroo: She was a media person, right?

kurt_cagle: Yeah.

quantumevent1: She's in southern Japan, for 5 weeks

kurt_cagle: Must be nice.

quantumevent1: yep. Wish I was there

rexbroo: I was wondering if she had any tie-ins to the IBM crew in Tokyo?

rexbroo: They are big players in the SOAP world.

quantumevent1: No. Connections with a group building a Terabyte optical disk ...

rexbroo: They will probably be working on the IBM version of XML Signature now that the spec is recommended.

kurt_cagle: A TByte optical disk? Damn.

quantumevent1: that's backward compat with CD and DVD

rexbroo: How big? I just saw a card-size no brick hard disk today from some folks named pockey.

rexbroo: USB works on the boxes juice.

quantumevent1: DVD size

rexbroo: Terabytes? Jeez!

kurt_cagle: Access time has got to be a bitch though.

quantumevent1: Actually the prototype isn't too bad... from what I've seen..

rkthunga: that is mindblowing...i guess that's about 100 DVD quality movies on 1 disk

rexbroo: Sigh!

kurt_cagle: What? Are they indexing the index?

quantumevent1: Yes.... I guess!

kurt_cagle: Is it r/w or r/o?

rexbroo: Anyway, I will be up to my armpits in UML tomorrow before my latest Rational Rose Evaluation wears out.

quantumevent1: r/w

kurt_cagle: Cheesus!

rexbroo: I will start pulling requirements out of the use cases I diagram tomorrow. I have a plan to get IBM to get Rational to pop for some samples.

kurt_cagle: Isn't Rational part of Microsquish now?

rexbroo: But I have to show that I can use it and the new IBM Web Sphere stuff together with the XSLT to make it all go...

quantumevent1: I thought so....

rexbroo: Not that I had heard...?

kurt_cagle: Pretty sure they are. I know they were in bed for a while.

rkthunga: no, I don't think so

rexbroo: Rational is in bed with all the biggies, but I don't think that they were outright bought, or I/we would have heard. It sorta makes OMG a big waste, and they aren't going away that I had heard, either.

quantumevent1: Hmmm. That must be it.

kurt_cagle: Hmm...I may be thinking of Great Plains.

rkthunga: great plains, yes

rexbroo: Rational's Unified Process outputs VisualStudio.Anything, but it does Java2EE too.

rexbroo: Round trips for both from the uml.

kurt_cagle: Sweet.

rexbroo: Yeah, Great Plains is pure MicroSloth. I get their developer stuff, too.

quantumevent1: Round trips with the older version of Rational were a pain.

rkthunga: btw, from my vantage point, I got some preliminary requirements from Owen (or at least pointers) so I'll be working with him for the next two weeks to get some stuff for our reqs

rexbroo: The new stuff is supposed to be better.

kurt_cagle: Okay.

rexbroo: I wanted to write to him, too, so this all works great.

rexbroo: I could even get excited...uh, NAH

rexbroo: too much damn work...

rkthunga: not until we get our initial requirements document...

rkthunga: i'll get started on that tonite.

rexbroo: Well, we are now at the stage of staging these requirements, so let's get our stuff together...

quantumevent1: Sifting through the Biometric material will take a bit of time...

rexbroo: I'll try to get my use-case stuff out tomorrow night.

rexbroo: We don't have to take their requirements now, we can just leave a placeholder that says "Biometrics Goes Here..."

quantumevent1: that'll work

kurt_cagle: Guys, I've got to bow out for the night.

rkthunga: so, to clarify our editorial process: we'll simply post our requirements and Kurt, you'll assemble them into a document, correct?

rexbroo: As long as we stay away from their sacred cows, terminology/jargon that is special to their stuff, like fingerprints or whatever.

kurt_cagle: Yes.

rexbroo: Sounds kinda like a plan to me.

rkthunga: alright, sounds good...I'll see you guys on the board

kurt_cagle: G'night. Gotta go pick up my wife and kids.

quantumevent1: Later Kurt.

rexbroo: Bye Kurt

rexbroo: Got anything else, Rob? Like from the vrml front?

quantumevent1: Still compiling.... nothing yet

rexbroo: They be havin' their big confab this week in Tempe. Wishin I could be there, but...

rkthunga: aren't you going to web3d?

rexbroo: Ok, so here's yer head's up. I will be heating that up immediately after we get out requirements going.

rkthunga: sounds good to me

rexbroo: Nah, I have a client here from France, and the requirements works and ...so, no go...

rkthunga: yeah, i remember you were saying...

rexbroo: The contacts I made at the Naval Postgraduate School need to be serviced before the Summer. And the UPenn folks, too/

rexbroo: So, I may have some interesting projects to fill the Joint Project Void.

rkthunga: it is time we started moving together with our current TC efforts for sure

rexbroo: And, since I know that they have a motion lab there, too....

rexbroo: I suspect I can hook you into it Rob, if you are interested.

rexbroo: Or your company.

quantumevent1: Oh yes...

rexbroo: I know Kurt has little spasms over this stuff, too, so I suspect you guys will have a busy summer.

rexbroo: At least, I Hope So.

quantumevent1: I'm sure.

rexbroo: And Ranjeeth has the UN/Cefact people to play with, along with Owen and I have Susan, if she ever gets back to me.

rkthunga: I'm gonna get going...we'll have to post these meetings on the OASIS website (or at least make them available to others).

quantumevent1: Sounds good.

rkthunga: I do...know that my personal crisis has abated (for now), I am looking forward to cultivating these relationships again

rkthunga: now (not know)

rexbroo: Please let me do that, okay? I think a link is best...

quantumevent1: Yes

rexbroo: I think OASIS would have a kitten if we started posting unscheduled, informal meetings, although we can always call these offline-working sessions.

quantumevent1: Working sessions...

rexbroo: It's a shining example of what IBM can do for WSIA, but we can't do for Humanmarkup, case in point...

rkthunga: maybe you're right...why ruffle those feathers, again

rexbroo: And think of Topic Maps with their nice new Members Section.

quantumevent1: So we will archive these in someway then.

rexbroo: just kidding.

rexbroo: We done for now?

quantumevent1: I think that covers it

rkthunga: certainly...i'll see you guys on the board then

quantumevent1: will do.

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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