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Subject: [humanmarkup] FW: [humanorg] Diplomatic Communications: Take 1

Title: Re: [humanorg] Diplomatic Communications: Take 1
I am forwarding these messages to the OASIS Comments list.
One of the topics for Wednesday's TC meetings will be to discuss the possible creation of a Diplomatic Communications Subcommittee within the TC.  This was a topic of discussion during our informal TC meetings (which we are currently holding on Yahoo IM Conference Sunday mornings 8am EST).  If any new members have any questions about this, please contact me.
I will be going to DC next week to attend the UA Expedition conference and XML WG conference, as well as meet with a couple of different representatives regarding diplomatic communications if I can as well. 
I do appreciate the feedback guys, and I hope to compile a report soon.

Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga
 Thanks for the thoughtfulness and research, Joe. The RAND article is good for a number of reasons. It certainly misses the point of purposeful misrepresentation of facts and misrepresentation of the translated meanings of terms, such as apology and the way in which that particular term was used. But it is, after all, an editorial and short to boot.

It was the purposeful use and misuse of that term by both sides which was my original reason for suggesting it as a clear example of Diplomatic use of language in a way that Human Markup might be able to improve, or at least clarify, whether the parties wish to provide or acknowledge better translations or not. The Israelis and Palestinians are particularly unwilling to part with their own definitions even when the whole world is pointing out that their language is locking them ever deeper into cycles of pure vengeance.

I agree with the need for us to emphasize how HM can improve efficiency.

I confess my eyes glaze over when I start reading state dept mission-speak. Good thing I'm not trying to deal with that arena.


Dear Ranjeeth and everyone,
Anticipating Ranjeeth's important trip to DC, I have prepared a few observations and links that will aid in Diplomatic Communications research:

Observations and Comments about the DipCon Paper as it stands

 a) "Imprecise reporting techniques"
 -since a lot of my research has been working the on Intelligence issues, I have found that the issue of report writing, dissemination, and comment writing were a cause of great concern and internet
 -I will provide a synopsis of an article from an Intelligence journal on this issue
 b) Example of the Chinese downing of US Aircraft
 -when RKT told me that this would be the primary historical example for our paper I was reticent, and mused that perhaps a more distant historical event would be preferable
 -I have found a great editorial from the folks at RAND http://www.rand.org/hot/op-eds/041501SDUT.html
 -the author provides 5 lessons learned, and RKT can use these in an HM context
 c) issues of "formalized explicit expression
 -this ties in with the reporting techniques
 -we need to drive home the benefits of HM efficiencies technology-wise
 D) State Department Mission Information
 -FYI: (quote from State site)
 To carry out U.S. foreign policy, the Department of State:
Leads interagency coordination and manages the allocation of resources in conducting foreign relations;
Represents the United States overseas and conveys U.S. policies to foreign governments and international organizations through U.S. embassies and consulates in foreign countries and diplomatic missions;
Coordinates and supports international activities of other U.S. agencies, hosts official visits, and performs other diplomatic missions; and
Conducts negotiations and concludes agreements and treaties on issues ranging from trade to nuclear weapons.
Ok this sums up my take on RKT's DipCon, I will post another stab with info from my research soon.
Ranjeeth: Anything septic regarding the DipCon doc that you would like to me look into?

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