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Subject: [humanmarkup] Base-schema: measurement_units XML

Did a bit of checking on measurement_units and currently developed 
software that converts various systems of measurement, etc., and also 
include XML specifications for measurements.  In this instance, 
Versaverter, a freeware product from pawprint.net 
(http://www.pawprint.net/vv/), includes a very detailed and extensive 
range of units and conversion applications all in one neat little 
package, and I happily note there is also available a separately 
downloadable file, units.xml which contains the NIST specifications for 
units of measure, etc. in XML  (and is recommended for download on NIST 
software page at http://ts.nist.gov/ts/htdocs/200/202/mpo_reso.htm)
I suggest that the TC look at this, and, if appropriate,  a HuML TC 
representative (Rex or Ranjeeth?) should contact pawprint about use of 
this units.xml in HuML.
Here is pawprint.net home page: http://www.pawprint.net/index.php

From the Desk of James E. Landrum III
Database Manager
Archaeology Technologies Laboratory (ATL; http://atl.ndsu.edu)
Digital Archive Network for Anthropology (DANA; http://atl.ndsu.edu/archive)
North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota 58105
Ph: 701-231-7115 (my desk) and ATL 701-231-6434
FAX: 701-231-1047
email: james.landrum@ndsu.nodak.edu

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