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Subject: RE: [huml] February Minutes

Title: February Minutes
We discussed the Indian dance genre very early in the
HumanML Phase 0 as an exemplar of a gesture system
that evolved into formal genres.  Bharatanatyam is one
of these.  There are several Indian schools of classical
dance, e.g, Kathakali.  At one point, a web search
uncovered some mudra illustrations and those could
be the basis for a genre dictionary based on HumanML
types.  A good one should include the sign, the signifiers,
and the signifieds for each gesture.  The multiples are there
to enable different formats for each one.  For example,
a mudra has interpretations given a context of use,
and one might want a 2D image, a video, and 
a real time 3Dor 2D animation (important because
the mudra is a movement), and one would want
examples in context where the interpretation varies.
Lotsa work.
Somewhere in our research, we
also ran across a system for classical ballet movements
that has been digitized.  If one wants to get really
ambitious, the Kama Sutra is also available.  But
consult local laws before posting the signifiers.  I have
some books on tantra systems.
Signs is signs.  Interpretations vary.  (-:

From: Rex Brooks [mailto:rexb@starbourne.com]

In relation to that tokenization and reproduction of systematized human movement systems, suck as Native American Dance, Sylvia noted that there was another fully systematized and well-studied system in Indian culture, called "Mudra" "Bjharatyanatyam." Rob said he would research it.


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