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Subject: No meeting today, Last month's Minutes soon

Hi Everyone, including those not usually copied for OASIS HumanMarkup 
Technical Committee messages,

Due to several circumstances, such as travel and sudden opportunities 
and generally incompatible timing we did not secure confirmation of 
our teleconference soon enough to build an agenda and announce the 
meeting with lead time for multiple reminders, we have postponed 
today's normally scheduled TC teleconference, but we will definitely 
be meeting Wednesday, May 26th at the usual time of 12:00 p.m. to 
1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

There will be a fairly lengthy agenda, and in the meantime I will be 
posting separate threads for each of the specific changes to the 
Primary Base Schema that I am proposing so that we can, hopefully, 
discuss them and, perhaps, be able to vote on the adjustments on the 

This would be a good thing for a number of reasons, not the least of 
which is that we have an emerging opportunity to have our work supply 
the required components for a number of other TCs', standards-writing 
organizations' and issue-specific interest consortia' standards.

What I mean by that is that those organizations are now encountering 
needs for profiling individual humans for in-depth authentication of 
identity and concomitant enhancement of security through individual 
access verification. We become quite handy because they can join our 
TC to move their work forward more quickly than organizing their own 
collateral, but subordinate efforts. We are already organized and in 
place with the appropriately scoped work or the ability to quickly 
build SCs to scope new work, and, thus to produce or adapt our 
specifications to fit their requirements.

This works even better because we are also adopting the practice of 
surveying our fields and incorporating, harmonizing and/or 
reconciling existing accepted or acceptable specifications and 
standards and building crosswalks nd engaging in liaisons and 
collaborations to make them compatible and thus make their data 
interoperable to the degree that is possible and desirable.

The upshot may be that we are finally at the right place at the right 
time to build support for our work, and perhaps, even, gather some 
momentum that will allow us to move our work forward a great deal 
more quickly and with sufficient resources to ensure an increasingly 
level of due diligence and general excellence in fact, rather than 

Lastly, I apologize for not getting the minutes out for last month's 
meeting yet. I will do so soon.

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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