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Subject: List of potential eligible voters at first meeting

This list includes everyone who signed up to participate in the TC as a member on or before 16 April 2010. Remember that observers are 'read only/listen only'; if you want to participate in the work of the TC (post emails to the list, speak on the calls or face-to-face meetings, and potentially gain voting rights) you should leave the group and then rejoin, selecting 'member' rather than 'observer.' If you feel your name was omitted in error please let me know as soon as possible.

Again, anyone who joined the TC on 17 April or later must attend two meetings in a row in order to gain voting rights. Anyone who signed up on or before the 16th but does not attend the meeting will need to attend two meetings in a row as well.



Abbie Barbir Member Individual
Bill Becker Member SafeNet, Inc.
John Bradley Member Individual
Jeffrey Broberg Member CA*
Peter Brown Member Pensive S.A.
Brian Campbell Member Ping Identity Corporation*
Robert Cope Member Homeland Security Consultants

Tomas Gustavsson Member PrimeKey Solutions AB
Patrick Harding Member Ping Identity Corporation*
Thomas Hardjono Member M.I.T.
Masum Hasan Member Cisco Systems, Inc.*
Heather Hinton Member IBM
Khaled Hussein Member Rackspace Hosting, Inc.
Sam Johnston Member Google Inc.*
David Kern Member IBM
Kelvin Lawrence Member IBM

John Newton Member Alfresco Software
Dale Olds Member Novell*
Darren Platt Member Symplified
Nick Pope Member Thales e-Security
Matthew Rutkowski Member IBM
Anil Saldhana Member Red Hat
Richard Sand Member Skyworth TTG Holdings Limited
Kent Spaulding Member Skyworth TTG Holdings Limited
Michael Stiefel* Member Individual
John Tolbert Member The Boeing Company*
Daniel Turissini Member WidePoint Corporation
Rob van der Linden Member Citrix Systems, Inc.
Xiang Yu Member Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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