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Subject: Submitting my application for co-chair of IDCloud Technical Committee

Hi all,
   I would officially place in my application for the post of 
chair/co-chair for the Oasis IDCloud Technical Committee.

My Credentials:
I am the Lead Security Architect of Middleware at Red Hat Inc. I am 
currently the co-chair of the Oasis XSPA and EKMI Technical Committees. 
I am also an elected secretary of the Oasis SSTC (SAML). I am an elected 
member of the Oasis IDTrust Steering Committee. I have many years of 
involvement in technical standards primarily in the security space at 
Oasis, W3C and the JCP.  I have successfully led Red Hat Inc at multiple 
Oasis Interoperability Events for XACML, XSPA and SAML.

History of Oasis IDCloud:
As part of my duties under the auspices of the Oasis IDTrust Steering 
Committee, I proposed the set up of a formal technical committee at 
Oasis to explore cloud security. Based on this, I held meetings with 
prominent industry experts and was able to set up a brainstorming group 
which worked for many months, with convernorship from Abbie Barbir and 
were able to finally propose a charter to Oasis Standards Consortium. 
The reception of this charter as the first step towards standardization 
has been both fulfilling and exciting.

I would be greatly obliged if my candidacy for chair/co-chair of Oasis 
IDCloud Technical Committee is accepted. I am confident that I have the 
leadership and vision required to make this technical committee a grand 


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