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Subject: Re: [id-cloud] Submitting my application for co-chair of IDCloudTechnical Committee

Hi all,
    I would like to provide additional information to support my candidacy.

Vision for this TC:
As we are all aware, Cloud Security as a topic has been very contentious 
with no clear signs of either coherence or consensus in the industry. It 
is partly due to the time period, the field of Cloud Computing has been 
in prominence.

As chair/co-chair of this TC (if elected), I would like to use the 
following keywords for my vision: focus, coherence, inclusion and 
* Focus: Since we have a large number of members with different 
perspectives and views of Identity In the Cloud, it is imminent that we 
are going to have diverging views and perspectives put forward during 
the TC operation. It is my goal to provide leadership to maintain focus 
and strict adherence to the charter objectives, namely : use cases, gaps 
and profiles for Identity in the Cloud.
* Coherence: One of my goals would be to bring coherence to the ideas 
and work items from the members and deliver artifacts that provide the 
unified view of the TC.
* Inclusion: A goal would be to be inclusive of all work done by 
Technical Committees, Working Groups, Industry coalition and standards 
bodies in this field. The charter clearly lists liaison with similarly 
tasked working groups in the industry. As chair, I would like to stick 
to this goal of inclusion rather than competition.
* Consensus: This is going to be one challenging task but I have the 
experience in the industry and in standards bodies to drive consensus as 
part of the TC work. The charter that was proposed was the first step at 
deriving consensus in this industry.

Activities before the start of this TC:
* I have been invited to talk on the Oasis IDCloud Technical Committee 
at the Cloud Identity Summit in July in CO. 
* I have held offline discussions with some new members of the Technical 
Committee for potential submissions for TC work.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mark Little of Red Hat Inc, 
Laurent Liscia, Executive Director of Oasis, Oasis Staff,  convenor 
Abbie Barbir and all the proposers of the charter for the successful 
inception of this Technical Committee.


On 04/23/2010 11:02 AM, Anil Saldhana wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I would officially place in my application for the post of 
> chair/co-chair for the Oasis IDCloud Technical Committee.
> My Credentials:
> I am the Lead Security Architect of Middleware at Red Hat Inc. I am 
> currently the co-chair of the Oasis XSPA and EKMI Technical 
> Committees. I am also an elected secretary of the Oasis SSTC (SAML). I 
> am an elected member of the Oasis IDTrust Steering Committee. I have 
> many years of involvement in technical standards primarily in the 
> security space at Oasis, W3C and the JCP.  I have successfully led Red 
> Hat Inc at multiple Oasis Interoperability Events for XACML, XSPA and 
> History of Oasis IDCloud:
> As part of my duties under the auspices of the Oasis IDTrust Steering 
> Committee, I proposed the set up of a formal technical committee at 
> Oasis to explore cloud security. Based on this, I held meetings with 
> prominent industry experts and was able to set up a brainstorming 
> group which worked for many months, with convernorship from Abbie 
> Barbir and were able to finally propose a charter to Oasis Standards 
> Consortium. The reception of this charter as the first step towards 
> standardization has been both fulfilling and exciting.
> I would be greatly obliged if my candidacy for chair/co-chair of Oasis 
> IDCloud Technical Committee is accepted. I am confident that I have 
> the leadership and vision required to make this technical committee a 
> grand success.
> Regards,
> Anil 

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