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Subject: Co-chair volunteer

I would like to express my interest in serving as Chair/ Co. I have a complete profile posted at: <http://www.linkedin.com/in/turissini> - to highlight: I co-founded, Operational Research Consultants, Inc. (ORC), an innovator in systems engineering focused in the field of Identity Assurance and Security. ORC's certifications include 1) DoD External Certificate Authority (ECA), 2) GSA Access Certificates for Electronic Services (ACES), Shared Service Provider (SSP), & E-Authentication Credential Services, 3) TSA TWIC CMA and 4) Authorized FiXs certified credential provider.

Potentially more relevant, I also serve on the Board of Directors of Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems (FiXs) where I currently chairs the Operations Committee. Here I have taken a leadership roll: first, by drafting the FiXs Logical Operating Rules supplement to the FiXs Operating Rules, and leading the effort in defining the requirements that need to be met for Federated logical operations.

I look forward to working with this group. --dan

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