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Subject: Member submissions of use cases and requirements

Hi all,
     it is time to get started with the TC business as we get close to 
the second meeting.  The first step is to solicit and collect member 
submissions on use cases and requirements.

Submission Guidelines:
1) Please create separate email threads for each submission (do not 
reply to someone else's submission with your own submission). This is 
because the archives will be cleaner.  You can comment on someone's 
submission by replying to that thread. You can also refine your own 
submission by replying to your own thread.
2) One submission from a company/member. Please coordinate among your 
colleagues from the same company.  Individual members are free to submit 
their own submissions.
3) Please clean your submissions off proprietary or confidential 
information. This is public work.
4) Please do not evaluate whether your content matches the TC charter or 
not. It is important for you to submit the information. The TC will 
evaluate your submission and decide if any of the content is out of scope.
5) Level of detail is dependent on your comfort level. If additional 
information is needed, the TC will request it from you in the future.

Submission Objectives:
* The TC is looking at use cases and requirements to start the work.
* The TC will discuss the submissions and then the spec editors will 
collate the submissions (based on TC feedback).

Submission Format:
This is open for discussion. Please suggest alternative formats.

Potential format is the following:
Name of the member (s):
Use Cases:
Best Practices:
Other Information:

Note:  The TC will not only benefit from your submissions of use cases 
and requirements for Identity In The Cloud, but also it will be useful 
to hear your pain points/grievances in the field (good for Other 

Anil & Tony

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