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Subject: Re: [id-cloud] May 7th meeting

Chat transcript:
anonymous morphed into Dimitar Mihaylov (SAP)

anonymous1 morphed into Tim Christin (Acxiom)

anonymous1 morphed into Kelvin (IBM)

anonymous1 morphed into David Kern (IBM)

anonymous morphed into Tony Goulding (CA)

anonymous2 morphed into Andy Kindred

Kelvin (IBM) morphed into Kelvin Lawrence (IBM)

anonymous1 morphed into John Dilley (Akamai)

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: please morph into name+affiliation.

anonymous morphed into Robert Cope (HSC)

anonymous1 morphed into Frank Caserta (Acxiom)

anonymous2 morphed into Michael Stiefel

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): hello all!

anonymous3 morphed into Sakthi Palani

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Please add affiliation to names if possible.

anonymous morphed into Khaled Hussein (Rackspace)

Sakthi Palani morphed into Palani Sakthi(IBM)

Andy Kindred: Hi all, Andy Kindred is also with Acxiom

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Please just do voting members

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): this will take forever otherwise

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: kelvin: I thought abbie was an expert at this.

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: kelvin: I had the same thoughts - lets do voting 
members, then members.

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Do the voting members and then ask "Who did I miss?"

Siddharth Bajaj (VeriSign): Can we reuse the attendee list from the 
teleconference provider.

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): otherwise roll each week will take forever

Mary McRae: I'll be on in a minute

Frank Caserta (Acxiom): Present

Mary McRae: previous call ran over. sorry

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Do we have quorum?

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: according to abbie, we have.

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Next item: approval of April 23 meeting minutes

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): (we have 19 of 26 = quorum)

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): April 23 minutes are approved and seconded, 
no objections

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): meetings will be monday 2pm EST bimonthly

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): next will be may 17

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): can use wiki or e-mail to submit use cases

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Mary points out that submissions on wiki 
must also be copied to e-mail so she suggests uses e-mail from the start

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): official statement: use e-mail for 
submissions of use cases

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): press release quotes due by may 13

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): OASIS wiki and svn links have been sent 
out. Jira is coming shortly

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): NIST cloud 1-day workshop on May 20 in 
D.C., link is in agenda

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): Meeting adjourned with no objections

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Small point of order.....

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): Chair should not introduce motions

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): chair should ask if someone is willing to make a 

Mary McRae: Yes, Kelvin is correct.

Mary McRae: Chair should 'entertain a motion for adjournment'

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): then after motion get second

Mary McRae: then someone else actually makes the motion

Mary McRae: and a 3rd person 2nds

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Kelvin: thanks for that. I will remember that.

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): no problem

Kelvin Lawrence (IBM): talk to you all soon - bye

Richard Sand (Skyworth TTG): bye

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: thanks to everyone who joined the call. I know its 
Friday evening in Europe/Asia. Enjoy your weekend.

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: Richard, can you copy/paste the transcript and send 
an email to the IDCloud TC mailing list?

AnilSaldhana_RedHat: that will be the minutes

On 05/07/2010 12:49 PM, abbie barbir wrote:
> All
> This is thy attendance for  they Friday may 7th meeting
> Please send me an e-mail to let me know that you are not on the list
> 2 members (Tony Goulding (CA) and Frank Caserta (Acxiom)) indicated that they were on the call but I cannot locate them on the roster
> I will indicate voting status in an updated e-mail
> Attendance
> Timothy Christin, Acxiom
> John Dilley, Akamai Technologies
> Jeffrey Broberg, CA*
> Paul Lipton, CA*
> Jonas Hogberg, Ericsson*
> Stavros Isaiadis, Fujitsu Limited*
> Mark Robinton, HID Global
> Robert Cope, Homeland Security Consultants
> David Kern, IBM
> Kelvin Lawrence, IBM
> Sakthi Palani, IBM
> Matthew Rutkowski, IBM
> Abbie Barbir, Individual
> Gershon Janssen, Individual
> Michael Stiefel*, Individual
> Thomas Hardjono, M.I.T.
> Dale Olds, Novell*
> Patrick Harding, Ping Identity Corporation*
> Khaled Hussein, Rackspace Hosting, Inc.
> Anil Saldhana, Red Hat
> Bill Becker, SafeNet, Inc.
> Dimitar Mihaylov, SAP AG*
> Richard Sand, Skyworth TTG Holdings Limited
> Darren Platt, Symplified
> John Tolbert, The Boeing Company*
> Kyle Austin, TriCipher, Inc.
> Siddharth Bajaj, VeriSign
> Daniel Turissini, WidePoint Corporation

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