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Subject: Definitions, terminology and vocabulary for IDM in the cloud

In our charter, (http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/id-cloud/charter.php)

" The purpose of the OASIS Identity in the Cloud TC is to collect and 
harmonize definitions, terminologies and vocabulary of Cloud Computing, 
and develop profiles of open standards for identity deployment, 
provisioning and management. "

Toward this, I think we should have a single document that will 
define/collect the terminology associated with Idm in the cloud.

Definitions and vocabulary used by some standards organizations can be 
perceived to be Geo-centric and may not have an international 
acceptance. Oasis, being an International Standards organization, would 
be a good place to collect and harmonize the definitions/vocabulary 
associated with IDM in the cloud.

We can publish this document along with the use cases document that will 
be prepared in due course of time.

What are your thoughts/objections/criticism of this?

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