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Subject: Some answers to voting rights

Hi all,
   there have been few queries on voting rights. So I will answer them here:

How do I gain voting rights?
- When you attend the first ever TC meeting and you are on the roster 
listed as a member, then you get to become voting member.
- When you attend two consecutive meetings, then you become voting member.

How do I lose voting rights?
- When you miss two consecutive TC meetings, then you lose voting rights.
- Chairs and secretaries also have to abide by this rule. Typically they 
hold on to the office even if they lose voting rights because they have 
to use the Oasis online system.

Who does the status change from member to voting member and back?
The secretaries who take the roll call and send out the meeting 
attendance take the status changes at every meeting in to consideration. 
They then change the status from "member" to "voting member" and 
vice-versa.  The chairs (in the absence of secretaries) sometime do this.

How do I regain voting rights?
- Just attend two meetings in a row and you will regain status back.
- Please do not be surprised if any of the chairs/secretaries lose 
voting status, it is temporary and they will be back.

What does voting rights give me?
Please read the official Oasis documentation (from Mary's original 
email).  Typically it helps the TC meetings achieve quorum, helps you 
vote on important stages of an deliverable from the TC and any ballots 
created by the TC.  In my view, it is very important to provide support 
to the TC with time and participation in discussions, than keep an eye 
on the voting status.

Please correct if any of the above is incorrect.


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