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Subject: RE: [id-cloud] Minutes from Oasis IDcloud TC Call (24 January 2011)



Thanks for the more complete description. We can cut-and-paste your text and put that into the minutes. I appreciate the corrections, as my handwriting is only slightly faster than my typing J








From: micheledrgon@dataprobity.com [mailto:micheledrgon@dataprobity.com]
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 4:09 PM
To: Thomas Hardjono
Cc: Anil Saldhana (Anil.Saldhana@redhat.com); Anthony Nadalin (tonynad@microsoft.com); id-cloud@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [id-cloud] Minutes from Oasis IDcloud TC Call (24 January 2011)


 Wow, Thomas! That was fast on those minutes! 

 I know we will make modify any issues to these minutes on the next call but since Jerry was not on the call, I wanted to correct one section below so as not to cause confusion in the interim:


o Michele had brought up that on the recent NIST Cloud Computing Business Case call, she had expressed concerns that the cross-cutting issues of security, privacy etc. were not included in the business case areas addressed by that CCBusCase working group. Other use cases have been defined for Cloud in SAJACC and the Reference Arch teams. There will be a face to face meeting either Feb 1 or 2 to look at how all of those various  business case efforts align within NIST and how to best address the cross-cutting issues. Michele suggested that Matt align with his IBM counterparts who are part of the NIST effort to see how/if id-cloud can be represented through this effort.






-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [id-cloud] Minutes from Oasis IDcloud TC Call (24 January
From: Thomas Hardjono <hardjono@MIT.EDU>
Date: Mon, January 24, 2011 3:52 pm
To: "id-cloud@lists.oasis-open.org" <id-cloud@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: "Anil Saldhana (Anil.Saldhana@redhat.com)"
<Anil.Saldhana@redhat.com>;, "Anthony Nadalin
(tonynad@microsoft.com)" <tonynad@microsoft.com>, "Thomas
Hardjono" <hardjono@mit.edu>


Here are the minutes from the ID-Cloud TC this week.
Apologies if I missed any discussion points or threads.



Oasis ID-Cloud TC Meeting Minutes (24 Jan 2011)

[Notation: Q = question; A = answer; C = comment]

(1) Roll Call and Agenda Review:
- Roll call by Gershon.

(2) Request Minute Taker:
- Thomas Hardjono minute taker.

(3) Approval of TC Meeting Minutes from 10 Jan 2011:
- Approval deferred to next meeting due minutes
just being posted today.

(4) Deadline for *new* Use-Cases: 31 January 2011
- Deadline for updates/fixes to existing
use-cases is 28 Feb 2011.

(5) Update on NIST Cloud Activities:
- Link: http://www.nist.gov/itl/cloud/use-cases.cfm
- 25 Cloud Computing Use Cases identified thus far by NIST.

- Tony:
o NIST efforts is looking at the entire Cloud Computing
area (not just security aspects).

- Anil:
o Last year Anil had already indicated to NIST the
activities in the Oasis IDcloud TC.

(6) F2F Dates/Location:
- Anil will setup 2 polls on Oasis site for selection
of dates and location for next F2F meeting.

(7) Delegation Use-Case
- Q: David Chadwick asks if there is a user-to-user
delegation Use Case.
- Dale indicates that there is already an Admin-delegation Use Case.
- David promises to submit a user-to-user delegation use-case.

(8) Email from ITU-T:
- Anil received email from Tony Rutkowsky (ITU-T?), suggesting the use
of Extended-Validation (EV) Certificates for identity in the cloud.

- Tony:
o EV-certs are used primarily by Browser community, represented
by the CA/Browser Forum (http://www.cabforum.org/).
o Tony suggests that EV-Certs are out-of-scope for Oasis IDcloud TC.

- Abbie:
o Oasis already has a Liaison relationship with ITU-T.
o Thus ID-Cloud TC does not need to setup another Liaison.
o Abbie will be attending a Feb 8th ITU-T meeting.

- Anil: Q: is there a role for EV-Certs in the Cloud.
o Siddarth:
+ EV-certs used for stronger end-point identification.
+ Also used for organizational identity (eg. in heathcare industry).

- Anil: IDcloud TC has not received any Use-Cases relating
to "trust-indicators" in browsers or relating to EV-Certs.
o Siddarth: Sidd will submit a new use-case to IDcloud TC
relating to EV-Certs.

(9) UC-Draft Updates (Matt):

- All use-cases have now been included in the doc.
- Section 4 has been completed. It includes 3 tables, covering
(i) UC listing, (ii) Categorization, (iii) Deployment/Service Models.

- Matt asks that authors be specific in the unique features/aspects
of our respective use-cases:
o For examample, almost all use-cases include "authentication",
so there is no reason to categorize under this heading unless
your use-case is specifically about "authentication".

- Matt asks all UC authors/submitters to verify the 3 tables,
specifically the lines/parts that have a "TBD" tag.

- Michelle:
o Q: which NIST group did the posted NIST Use-cases come out of?
+ Anil: Not sure, but Jerry may give an update if he is online.

o Michelle had brought up (at a NIST meeting) the existence
of the IDcloud TC use-cases. Some items in the IDcloud use-cases
are not present in the NIST use-cases doc.

- Dominique:
o Q: what does the term "entity" mean in the IDcloud use-cases doc?
o A: Matt: There is a lack of agreement across the submitted use-cases.

- Michelle: thanks Matt for editing use-cases doc.
o Matt: hopes the IDcloud use-cases doc can be definitive
across industry (beyond Oasis).

(10) Reinstate Abbie Barbir as IDcloud Secretary:
- Motion: Gershon Janssen.
- Second: Michelle Drgon.
- No objection. Motion passes.

(11) Anil: Normalizing use-cases doc at next F2F meeting:

- Anil suggests we need to spend time at next F2F to
normalize the use-cases document.

- Matt suggests we have one or two extended telecon calls prior
to F2F meeting, in order to work on the use-cases doc.
o Some folks may be unclear about the "TBD" tags.
o a one day F2F time finishes so quickly -- last year it took
one day just to agree on the template/structure.

- Tony: agrees we need to do extended telecon calls. Tony asks
if people still need help in understanding
the "TBD" tags in the use-cases doc.

- Anil: some TBDs may get converted to "Not Applicable".
o Matt: agrees. The use-cases doc must read as if coming
from one or two authors. Currently it reads as if it
comes from a mix of people.

(12) Welcome new members:

- Anil: welcome back Abbie Barbir.

- Anil: welcomes Dominique Nguyen (B-of-A) as new member.
o Dominique introduction:
- Belongs to Info. Security Strategy group in B-of-A.
- Group is working on security direction for cloud computing.
- Has performed some testing, but need to do more.

(13) Meeting adjourned at 2:45PM-est.
o Next meeting: Monday 7 February 2011.

Dump from Soap-hub:

Abbie Barbir
Andy Kindred (Acxiom)
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat)
Anthony Nadalin
Brian Marshall (Vanguard)
Dale Olds (Novell)
DaleMoberg (Axway)
David Chadwick (University of Kent)
David Kern (IBM)
David Turner (MSFT)
Dominique Nguyen
Gershon Janssen
John Dilley (Akamai)
Kurt Roemer (Citrix)
Matt Rutkowski (IBM)
Polina Alber (Novell)
Robert Cope (HSC)
Siddharth Bajaj (VeriSign)
Steve Coplan
Thomas Hardjono (MIT)

anonymous morphed into David Kern (IBM)
anonymous morphed into DaleMoberg (Axway)
anonymous morphed into Andy Kindred (Acxiom)
anonymous1 morphed into Steve Coplan
anonymous morphed into David Turner (MSFT)
anonymous morphed into abbie
anonymous morphed into Polina Alber (Novell)
abbie morphed into abbie barbir
anonymous1 morphed into David Chadwick
anonymous morphed into Anthony NAdalin
David Chadwick morphed into David Chadwick (University of Kent)
Anthony NAdalin morphed into Anthony Nadalin
anonymous2 morphed into Dominique Nguyen
anonymous morphed into Dale Olds (Novell)
Anthony Nadalin: And I could have been Dale Olds
Dale Olds (Novell): I doubt that.
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Hello
Gershon Janssen: Hi Matt. I added you to the roll.
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Thanks
Dale Olds (Novell): Gershon, could you add me as well?
Gershon Janssen: Yes Dave; you're on the roll.
Gershon Janssen: Hi Michele; I've added you to the roll.
Michele Drgon (DataProbity): Matt, maybe we can talk offline as I am "voyeuring" on all cloud-related standards efforts (including CSA) and would love your take on the landscape of how this group can set the foundation vs. some of these other newer efforts.
Michele Drgon (DataProbity): Gerson, thank you. I wasn't sure whether I was automatic on the roster since i didn't have to morph my Anonymous.
Michele Drgon (DataProbity): I am micheledrgon@dataprobity.com and also on LinkedIn. Thanks!
Michele Drgon (DataProbity): GersHon. (sorry-typing too fast)
abbie barbir: i vote for Ottawa
abbie barbir: in February
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Hi Michele, would love to chat offline
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): mrutkows@us.ibm.com contact info in OASIS should be current


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