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Subject: Draft minutes of 10 January 2011 IDCloud TC meeting



Please find attached the draft meeting minutes of the January 10th IDCloud TC meeting.


Attendance is also updated in Kavi.


If you find any mistakes, please let me know.




Gershon Janssen




OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting
10 January 2011, 02:00pm ET, 20:00 CET


AI20110110-001 Matthew Rutkowski: Verify with TC admins on new template document

AI20110110-002 Paul Madsen: Add more "meat" to document

AI20110110-003 Anil Saldhana: Organize a poll for dates and locations for F2F


Scribe: Gershon Janssen


1. Roll Call and Agenda Review

Meeting Attendees:

Name                   Company
----                   -------
Andy Kindred           Acxiom 
John Dilley            Akamai Technologies 
Dale Moberg            Axway Software* 
Kurt Roemer            Citrix Systems, Inc. 
Robert Cope            Homeland Security Consultants 
David Kern             IBM 
Matthew Rutkowski      IBM 
Michele Drgon          Individual 
Gershon Janssen        Individual 
Colin Wallis           New Zealand Government 
Polina Alber           Novell* 
Dale Olds              Novell* 
Paul Madsen            Ping Identity Corporation* 
Anil Saldhana          Red Hat 
Doron Cohen            SafeNet, Inc. 
Darran Rolls           SailPoint Technologies 
John Tolbert           The Boeing Company* 
Jerry Smith            US Department of Defense (DoD)* 
Brian Marshall         Vanguard Integrity Professionals 
Siddharth Bajaj        VeriSign 
Daniel Turissini       WidePoint Corporation 


This meeting does quorates.

No changes and / or additions to the agenda.


2. Approval of 29 November 2010 Meeting Minutes

- 29 November 2010:

Gershon moves to approve the minutes of the 29 November 2010 meeting; Jerry Smith seconds. Minutes are approved by unanimous consent.


3. Editors report

Matthew Rutkowski: Uploaded the new Use Case template document in Microsoft DOC format. Draft use case document is being updated with the November and December 2010 input.

Dale Olds: Update use case document from Novell has been uploaded.

Matthew Rutkowski: Register use case draft document with OASIS.

Matthew Rutkowski: Is there a new template document from OASIS admins? Matt will verify with TC admins.


4. Updated Ping Identity submission review (Paul Madsen)

Link: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/40453/Ping%20Identity%20Use%20Cases-1.pdf 

Paul Madsen: Most changes are related to formatting the use case into the new document template. Not much "meat" in the document yet.

Paul Madsen: Missing elements in document are currently the differences between the four use case categories.

Matthew Rutkowski: When working through the document, comments / annotations are made on missing or misplaced elements. Ping submission has already been added to the use case document from previous input.

Matthew Rutkowski: Best way to go forward with updates is to use change control in Word.


5. Novell's updated use case (Dale Olds)


Dale Olds: Update input from meeting and uploaded it. Editor Matthew can go ahead with processing the document.


6. NIST Cloud Roadmap WG Report (Jerry Smith)

Jerry Smith: There are five working groups, Jerry is participating in two (1) architecture working group and (2) standards working group

Jerry Smith: Ambitious deliverable to deliver their work by 31 March, before open public NIST workshop

Jerry Smith: Working groups uses weekly two hour teleconferences. Help is most welcome -- Jerry will ask for help by email and indicate areas where to participate.

Colin Wallis: At what times are the working groups?

Jerry Smith: Architecture group Mondays at 11 AM EST and Standards working group on Thursdays at 1 PM EST; groups are all publicly open.

Anil Saldhana: Concern from this TC is maybe they don't reinvent what we do but reuse it.


7. Other Business

Anil Saldhana: 

(1) Now we have gathered a fair collection of use cases, we are ready to set a deadline for initial use case submission by 31 January 2011 and for revised submission by 28 February 2011.

MOTION: Set initial submission deadline to 31 January 2011.

Darren Rolls moves, seconds by Brian Marshall. Motion carries by unanimous consent.

MOTION: Set final date for changes and updates to existing use case submissions by 28 February 2011.

Darren Rolls moves, seconds by Matthew Rutkowski. Motion carries by unanimous consent.

(2) Next F2F

Suggestion for the next F2F in March or April 2011. Goal for the F2F should be o.a. to normalize the use cases and separate use cases by topic.

Anil will organize a poll for dates and locations for F2F.


8. Adjourn

Next meeting will be the 24 January 2011.

Meeting adjourned.

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