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Subject: Roll Call of 07 March 2011 ID-Cloud TC meeting

* Roll Call of 07 March 2011 ID-Cloud TC meeting

Name 	            Company 			Status
----			-------			------
Dale Moberg 	Axway Software* 		Group Member
Dominique Nguyen 	Bank of America 		Group Member
Kurt Roemer 	Citrix Systems, Inc. 	Group Member
David Kern 		IBM 				Group Member
Matthew Rutkowski IBM 				Group Member
Michele Drgon 	Individual 			Group Member
Gershon Janssen 	Individual 			Group Member
Thomas Hardjono 	M.I.T. 			Group Member
Colin Wallis 	New Zealand Government 	Group Member
Dale Olds 		Novell* 			Group Member
Anil Saldhana 	Red Hat 			Group Member
Doron Cohen 	SafeNet, Inc. 		Group Member
Darran Rolls 	SailPoint Technologies 	Group Member
Darren Platt 	Symplified 			Group Member
Siddharth Bajaj 	VeriSign 			Group Member


Jonas Hogberg 	Ericsson* 			Observer		
Carl Bunje 		Boeing 			Guest
Philip Lieberman 	Lieberman Software 	Guest

18 people on the call, 11 of 22 voting members present (50%).

This meeting does not quorate.

Status changes:

Lost voting rights: Abbie Barbir, Andy Kindred, Anthony Nadalin, Brian Marshall, Daniel Turissini, Dr. David Chadwick,
John Dilley, Robert Cope, Stephen Coplan

Gained voting rights:
Darren Platt, Dr. Dominique Nguyen

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