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Subject: Today's call - updates re Inter-Cloud, ebXML and BDX

On today’s Id-Cloud call agenda is a discussion of the Inter-Cloud Doc Exchange use case Traxian submitted.  By way of an update, there are discussions underway that seem likely to align that use case more closely with existing OASIS standards, notably ebXML.  These discussions are going on with members of both the Business Document Exchange and ebXML TCs.  It is even possible that this may result a transitioning/rechartering of that TC’s work to a new TC, possibly under a name such as:


“OASIS ebXML Inter-Cloud Backbone” TC.


Regarding the Traxian use case particulars, the notions of Service Metadata and Identity Metadata already exist within ebXML Collaboration Partner Profiles (CPP), and Agreements (CPA).  The broader use case issues described remain unchanged, however:

a)      trust frameworks for many-to-many inter-cloud connections, and

b)      endpoint identity provisioning and binding for inter-cloud communication as proxies (e.g. via OAuth)


I expect the use case document will be updated to better align with CPP and other ebXML standards, based on the various related discussions in this TC and elsewhere.



Roger Bass

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