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Subject: Draft minutes of 21 March 2011 IDCloud TC meeting


Please find attached the draft meeting minutes of the 21 March 2011 IDCloud TC meeting. 

Attendance is also updated in Kavi.

If you find any mistakes, please let me know.


Gershon Janssen

OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting
21 March 2011, 02:00pm ET, 19:00 CET


AI20110321 Dominique Nguyen: Send out information on F2F location, etc.


Scribe: Gershon Janssen


1. Roll Call and Agenda Review

Name				Status
----				------
Abbie Barbir		Member
Andy Kindred		Member
Anil Saldhana		Member
Anthony Nadalin		Member
Colin Wallis		Member
Dale Moberg			Member
Daniel Turissini		Member
David Kern			Member
David Turner		Member
Doron Cohen			Member
Dr. Dominique Nguyen	Member
Gershon Janssen		Member
Jeffrey Broberg		Member
Kurt Roemer			Member
Matthew Rutkowski		Member
Michele Drgon		Member
Peter Brown			Member
Robert Cope			Member
Siddharth Bajaj		Member
Thomas Hardjono		Member
Roger Bass			Member


21 people on the call, 11 of 16 voting members present (68%).

This meeting quorates.

Status changes:

Gained voting rights:
Colin Wallis, Doron Cohen

2. Approval of minutes

- 21 Feb 2011: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/id-cloud/email/archives/201103/msg00014.html
- 7 Mar 2011: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/id-cloud/201103/msg00040.html

No approval of the minutes as previous meetings didn't quorate; these minutes will be filed as meeting notes.

3. MIT Kerberos Consortium - Hardware Identities In The Cloud 


Thomas elaborates on use case Hardware Identities in the Cloud.

Following discussion on the use case:

- Kurt Roemer: Kurt's submission also contains elements on cloud auditing and logging; maybe combine efforts

- Thomas: See references, articles on regulatory and compliance issues and how they apply to the cloud space, please
update Thomas on this.

- Gershon Janssen: use case is in line with was has been discussed during the CloudScape III conference in Brussels last
week; good use case.

- Peter Brown: Personal Data Reference Model Paper from Peter Brown touching on this subject; will post a link to the

4. Editors update

Matthew Rutkowski: Updated the document. Included an overview table to include a description of each of the use cases;
one/two sentences overview of what that use case covers.

5. F2F details

- F2F dates: 28, 29 April 2011

- Dominique will send the address details and some nearby hotel information.

- Proposed start of meeting: 0900 hrs; close of meeting on Friday by approx 0330 hrs

- Heads-up on attendance by straw poll: 11 present, 3 people will call in remote

- Request to send Names, Organization, Phone, Email to Dominique for entrance to the Bank of America facilities

- Objective for the f2f: Discuss the large number of use cases, normalize the use cases, result: come out with a
selected normalized set of use cases which cover identity in the cloud.

- Agenda of meeting ready by mid April in order to structure the meeting

- Abbie Barbir: Not to vote for Public Review at the f2f but at least allow for one week in between final document and 


6. JIRA Issues

No updates.

7. Other Business

- TC needs to make more use of mailing list instead of peer-to-peer mails

- Welcome to new member Roger from Traxian.

- New use cases submitted after 31/01 not allowed for upcoming session in order to be strict to the deadline and
guarantee progress

- Matthew Rutkowski: Last week cloud audit workgroup approved by DMTF; will post to the mailing list more information on

- Gershon Janssen: European Siena Initiative Roadmap effort for Grid and Cloud Standards for eScience and eGovernment.
No visibility on OASIS work in the Cloud space yet, so we need to work on outreach!

- Anil Saldhana: will be in round table at NIST Cloud Computing Workshop 7 & 8 April 2011

8. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned.

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