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Subject: Draft minutes of 04 April 2011 IDCloud TC meeting


Please find attached the draft meeting minutes of the 04 April 2011 IDCloud TC meeting. 

Attendance is also updated in Kavi.

If you find any mistakes, please let me know.


Gershon Janssen

OASIS IDCloud TC Meeting
04 April 2011, 02:00pm ET, 20:00 CET




Scribe: Gershon Janssen


1. Roll Call and Agenda Review

Name				Status
----				------
Abbie Barbir		Member
Andy Kindred		Member
Anil Saldhana		Member
Colin Wallis		Member
Dale Olds			Member
Daniel Turissini		Member
David Kern			Member
Dr. Dominique Nguyen	Member
Gershon Janssen		Member
Jeffrey Broberg		Member
Kurt Roemer			Member
Matthew Rutkowski		Member
Roger Bass			Member
Philip Lieberman		Member
Anthony Nadalin		Member

Thinh Nguyenphu

16 people on the call, 10 of 18 voting members present (55%).

This meeting quorates.

Status changes:
Lost voting rights:
Darran Rolls, Darren Platt

Gained voting rights:
Andy Kindred, Daniel Turissini, Jeffrey Broberg, Roger Bass

2. Approval of the 21 March 2011 Minutes.


Colin Wallis moves to approve the minutes of 21 March 2011, Abbie Barbir seconds. Motion carries by unanimous consent.

Minutes are approved.

3. Use Case Discussion - Traxian

- Inter Cloud Doc Exchange

Roger Bass elaborates on Inter Cloud Doc Exchange use case.

- Colin Wallis: What part of the use case is in scope? Defining a new identity? Trouble understanding the four-corner

- Roger Bass: Network for a large enterprise allows submission of documents without their being an explicit identity for
the defending party; model PEPL has defined (relate to EBXML) does not have notion of pre-existing identity on receiving

- Anil Saldhana: Where does the use case fit into? Provisioning?

- Roger Bass: Provisioning is the primary concern.

- Colin Wallis: Key / critical element is establishing a new identity on the cloud.

- Anil Saldhana: As part of charter of this TC, we are to identify gaps in existing standards and can feed these to the
respective groups / TCs concerned.

- Roger Bass: Will this use case be considered for the upcoming normalization during the f2f meeting or be deferred to a
later stage?

- Matthew Rutkowski: We should be fine to incorporate the use case into the document for the f2f

4. Editor's report

Matthew Rutkowski: 

- No updates to the document in the last two weeks

- For the final normalized use case document we need to apply for a template with the TC admins.

- Before the F2F we will colate all use cases into one document.

On which document should we work now?

- For a new use case: send it to the list / editor

- For modifying an existing use case: pick the current version from the SVN, use Microsoft Office track-changes and
email it 

to the editor / list

- How to access SVN? 

Anil Saldhana will send an email to the list.

5. F2F Discussion

Please send updates and comments to the list before 12 April.

6. Other Business


7. Adjourn 

Next meeting: 18 April 2011 @ 02:00pm ET, 20:00 CET

Meeting adjourned.

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