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Subject: 11 July 2011 Meeting Chat Transcriipt

anonymous morphed into David Kern (IBM)
anonymous1 morphed into Peter F Brown
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Is the call in number working?
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): (800) 451-8679?
David Kern (IBM): I'm in the conf #
David Kern (IBM): * Reservationless-Plus Toll Free Dial-In Number (US & Canada): (800) 451-8679
David Kern (IBM): Oasis Identity In The Cloud Technical Committee Call In Information: [CONFERENCE CODE: 7085240756]
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Im getting "please try ur call again later" message
David Kern (IBM): (and I'm getting in from IBM's telecom infrastructure)
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): its now considered long distance
Gershon Janssen: My line just dropped...
Gershon Janssen: Dailing in again..
anonymous: the number is not working from my phone?
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): United States Dial-In #: 2127295016
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): that is a long distance number
anonymous morphed into Dan Turissini (WidePoint)
Peter F Brown: Can also use 212 729-5016
Dan Turissini (WidePoint): Still not working?
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): i had to call in from my cell phone
Dan Turissini (WidePoint): i am on my cell?
Gershon Janssen: Thomas moves to approve the minutes; Gershon seconds.
Gershon Janssen: Minutes of 27 June 2011 are approved.
Gershon Janssen: 3) Use Cases Document Discussion. [Matt]
Gershon Janssen: Use case 1 to 14 have been normalized by Matt, including naming convention.
Gershon Janssen: Remaining use cases need to be rewritten to new normalized names.
Gershon Janssen: Terms and definitions need to be reviewed.
Gershon Janssen: Definitions from SAML and ITU-T have been preserved.
Gershon Janssen: Might need to resolve competing definitions.
Gershon Janssen: Raw version in of document in SVN, specific things need to be looked at.
Gershon Janssen: Examples are e.g. signing in the cloud, use case 11 (rewrite of remove), use case 12 (rewrite or remove), use case 13 (remove in favor of another use case)
Gershon Janssen: use case 14 (rewrite), use case 15 (remove), use case 14-17 (combine), use case 23 (extend use case including multi factor authentication)
Gershon Janssen: use case 28-31 (skipped at f2f, but need to be looked at)
Gershon Janssen: use case 31 is a big one to look at.
Gershon Janssen: Definition on terms needs to be done as well.
Gershon Janssen: AI Anil: start discussion on mailing list on items Matt identified
Peter F Brown: I have to drop off the call, but want to contribute to the action regarding terms and terminology, as promised earlier
Peter F Brown: I can liaise with Anil offline on this
Gershon Janssen: use case 23 - Bank of America
Gershon Janssen: use case 29 - remove to out of scope and rewrite; AI for Darran Rolls
Gershon Janssen: use case numbers are from CDN
Gershon Janssen: AI: Paul Madison (Ping), use case 17, 18
Gershon Janssen: AI: use case 14 for SAP
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Martin Raepple from SAP: use case 14
Gershon Janssen: AI Use case 11, 12, 13: Doron (SafeNet)
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Tomas Gustavvson (Primekey): signature services in the cloud
Gershon Janssen: AI: use case 9 - Tomas Gustavvson (Primekey)
Gershon Janssen: Discussion for AI preferably on the list, so all interested can participate.
Gershon Janssen: AI: use case 25 - Anil
Dan Turissini (WidePoint): I am on the call, not sure you heard me.
Gershon Janssen: @Dan: You are on the roll.
Gershon Janssen: AI: Use case 28 - Dan Turissini
Gershon Janssen: AI: Terms and definitions - Anil
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Still need action item owner for #30 i think
Matt Rutkowski (IBM): and #31
Gershon Janssen: @Matt, you are right..
Gershon Janssen: AI: Use case 30 - Darran Rolls
Gershon Janssen: AI: Use case 31 - Darran Rolls
Gershon Janssen: 4) Gap Analysis Discussion. [Roger]
Gershon Janssen: Roger elaborates on Wiki page.
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): We create action items for submitters to fill in their use cases relevant standards.
Gershon Janssen: Roger will make tc members aware of this page via a list message.
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Roger proposes and Thomas seconds Gershon as additional editor
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): its approved. Congrats Gershon as editor. 
Gershon Janssen: Roger: how to move this specific action forward?
Gershon Janssen: Anil: similar to the use case document process.
Gershon Janssen: Anil: maybe take this by category
Gershon Janssen: Where there is already an established standard, just include them in the GAP analysis.
Gershon Janssen: If no relevant standards, define those gaps.
Gershon Janssen: 5) CND status for IDCloud Use Cases
- TC Admin will work in the week of July 18th.
Gershon Janssen: Something will be out somewhere after next week.
Gershon Janssen: 6) Oasis IDTrust Member Section SC elections.
Gershon Janssen: Next meeting in two weeks.
Gershon Janssen: Gershon motions to adjourn; Roger seconds.
Anil_Saldhana (Red Hat): Thanks to all who attended and for the bridge to have held strong after the callers joined in. 

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