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Subject: 10th Annual IDTRUST Symposium - Register Now

[The following announcement is being sent on behalf of the organizers of IDTRUST 2011. OASIS is a co-sponsor of this Symposium.]


(IDTRUST 2011)
“Near the Horizon, Just Over the Horizon”

NIST – Green Auditorium
Gaithersburg, Maryland
April 6-7, 2011



This year’s program will cover a wide range of timely issues and hot topics.


They range from the use of authentication and authorization to achieve social and corporate policy goals, to the use of cryptography to achieve simultaneous authorization and anonymity where they are demanded by policy (e.g., in voting systems).  Sessions this year will cover recent technical and policy developments in the area of Privacy, Successful Implementation of IdM Systems Integration, Two Factor Authentication and Higher LOA Issues, Creating the Attribute Ecosystem, Privacy and Security Research Challenges for Biometric Authentication,  and IdP Discovery.


A keynote presentation will be provided by Jeremy Grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  Mr. Grant will offer an overview of the forthcoming National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.  Invited talks on “Whither Identity Management” and “Unified Identity for Access Control” will be provided by Tim Brown, CA Technologies and Carl Ellison, respectively.


A poster session will be held during a reception on the evening of April 6th, which will provide a great opportunity to discuss new developments with the symposium attendees.


Come, network with your colleagues at the 10th IDtrust Symposium!

Registration Fee:  $185.00

No on-site registrations will be accepted for any conference held on NIST campuses and all attendees must be pre-registered.  Please pre-register by March 31, 2011 electronically at https://www.fbcinc.com/nist_trust/atreg1.aspx


Registration questions should be directed to tina@fbcinc.com


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