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Subject: KMIP Plugfest - August 2014

Hi Folks,

Following the recent discussion in the KMIP TC, I'm calling for additional participants in the August 2014 KMIP Plugfest, focusing on testing of the new KMIP v1.3 functionality. As this will not be an official OASIS "Interoperability Event", the event is open to OASIS member and non-members alike so if you have any partners or customers who wish to participate please reach out, noting that the Plugfest is not covered by the OASIS rules.

At this stage the entry criteria for the Plugfest is:
- Agreement to the plugfest rules
- A KMIP implementation supporting KMIP v1.3

Please note the next KMIP-Interop Subcommittee call will commence at 12pm (US-PDT) Thursday 7th August (1 hour prior the regular KMIP TC call). I'll send out invitations to all KMIP Interop Subcommittee members in the next day or so.

Best Regards,
KMIP-Interop Subcommittee (Chair)

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