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Subject: Re: [kmip-interop] KMIP Plugfest - August 2014

Hi Tony,

What v1.3 functionality is there to be tested, and which (spec)
document(s) should I be looking at for coming up with an implementation?

I've been looking at the KMIP v1.3 wiki (https://wiki.oasis-open.org/kmip/1.3)
and the latest list of (draft) documents
but I haven't found any document containing e.g., new tag values.


Tony Cox <tjc@cryptsoft.com> wrote on 02.08.2014 04:13:59:
> Hi Folks,
> Following the recent discussion in the KMIP TC, I'm calling for
> additional participants in the August 2014 KMIP Plugfest, focusing on
> testing of the new KMIP v1.3 functionality. As this will not be an
> official OASIS "Interoperability Event", the event is open to OASIS
> member and non-members alike so if you have any partners or customers
> who wish to participate please reach out, noting that the Plugfest is
> not covered by the OASIS rules.
> At this stage the entry criteria for the Plugfest is:
> - Agreement to the plugfest rules
> - A KMIP implementation supporting KMIP v1.3
> Please note the next KMIP-Interop Subcommittee call will commence at
> 12pm (US-PDT) Thursday 7th August (1 hour prior the regular KMIP TC
> call). I'll send out invitations to all KMIP Interop Subcommittee
> members in the next day or so.
> Best Regards,
> KMIP-Interop Subcommittee (Chair)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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