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Subject: update to KMIP schedule

Hi -

Given the outstanding issues that we have for KMIP V1.0, it will likely
take us several weeks longer to get to the vote on the committee drafts
of the KMIP documents than had been suggested in the draft schedule
distributed on 27-May. These outstanding issues include:

-	Editorial changes (shall/should/etc; comments from
Indra/Elaine/Judy; naming for base objects)
-	Issue regarding proposal for renaming Application Specific
-	Key naming proposal
-	Conformance statement, "base profile" list of required/optional
- 	Client information 
-	Reserved enumeration ranges for use by other standard
organizations (e.g. IEEE 1619.3)
-	KMIP encoding for HTTPS
-	Key types
-	Support for symmetric key pairs
-	Restrictions on mutating attributes
-	Get attributes tag 
-	Repeated fields

Though we have not yet had specific proposals in some of these areas
(Key naming, symmetric key pairs, repeated fields), I think we're
generally far enough along that it's feasible to target the end of July
for wrapping up the outstanding items. That being the case, I've
included below an update to the proposed schedule. Please post any
discussion (comments/suggestions/issues) on the revised schedule to the
KMIP list.



30-July: final versions of all proposed modifications have been voted on
and submitted to editors for incorporation into KMIP committee draft

6-August: KMIP committee draft available for pre-vote review by TC

13-August: TC vote begins (in KAVI) to approve KMIP Specification, KMIP
Usage Guide and KMIP Use Case documents as committee drafts. 

20-August: TC vote ends. At this point, committee drafts would be frozen
while work continues on at least 3 KMIP implementations that can be
referred to in the announcement of the public review. We'll also begin
discussions about scoping for the next version of the KMIP documents
(v1.1 or v2.0).

27/28-September: KMIP face-to-face meeting for 1) final review of
committee drafts prior to release to public review and 2) scoping KMIP
V1.1 / V2.0 work. 

5-October: public review of KMIP committee draft announced

Our schedule beyond that will depend on responses to the public review.
But assuming that it's positive, I hope we can look forward to something
like the following:

During October/November: Incorporate feedback from 60 day public review
(while moving ahead on KMIP v1.1 / v2.0)

3-December: begin vote to approve updated V1.0 KMIP documents as
Committee Specifications 

10-December: Once the V1.0 documents have been approved as Committee
Specifications, vote to submit to OASIS membership for consideration as
OASIS Standard.  

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