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Subject: proposed date and location of KMIP face-to-face: September 28/29 at NIST facilities in Maryland

Hi -

You may have noticed, in the revised schedule I just sent around, that
the proposed dates for the KMIP face-to-face are Monday/Tuesday
September 28/29. This reflects both the additional weeks (compared to
the originally proposed date of early September) that we'll need to get
to committee drafts, and also the change in the date for the OASIS
IDtrust meeting (now scheduled to start in the afternoon of 29-Sep and
continue through 30-Sep). 

We are able to have the meeting at the NIST facilities in Maryland.
Since at least some folks have indicated their interest in attending the
IDtrust meeting, it is probably best to have our meeting there. If there
is any issue with that location, please let me know (the RSA facilities
in Massachusetts is also available for those dates, as an alternative)?

There will also be a conference bridge and webex, for those who can't
attend in person.



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