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Subject: FW: CSCTG - IEC Standard for Key Management

Hi -

i have been in touch with Frances Cleveland regarding this new key
management initiative in IEC and the relevance of KMIP. We will probably
want to have an official liaison with this effort.






From: csctg@nist.gov <csctg@nist.gov> 
To: Multiple recipients of list <csctg@nist.gov> 
Sent: Tue Oct 13 11:25:48 2009
Subject: CSCTG - IEC Standard for Key Management 

To all -


Frances is working on TC57 WG15.   Please see her request below.  I know
that there are several CSCTG members who are very knowledgeable in
crypto and key management.  This is a critical area to get correct.  If
you are interested, please contact Frances directly.  Her email is:
fcleve@xanthus-consulting.com.  I have included Frances' contact info
below - if you have any questions.






Annabelle Lee

Senior Cyber Security Strategist




phone: 301.975.8897

bb: 240.364.4931


Computer Security Division

National Institute of Standards and Technology

100 Bureau Dr., Stop 8930

Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8930



CSCTG and any Key Management Experts -

Last week in the IEC TC57 WG15 (International Electrotechnical
Commission, Technical Committee 57, Working Group 15 on Cyber Security
for Power Systems) meeting, we agreed to start the development of a key
management standard aimed particularly at the millions of field devices
and meters that do not have direct access to any Certificate Authority,
and may be compute-constrained and/or media constrained. What we would
love to have is some experts in the Key Management arena to help in this
effort, ranging from sage advice to rolled up sleeves while tackling the
precise wording.

Our tasks are: 

*	Develop a scope and purpose statement to turn into the IEC as
the formal start of the effort 
*	Develop an annotated outline of the proposed standard document 
*	Complete a draft of the document as a Committee Draft (CD) that
will be circulated to the IEC national committees from all countries for
review and comment 
*	Review comments from the national committees, and respond
*	Issue another draft as a Committee Draft for Vote (CDV) for
circulation, comment, and vote If it passes the vote, respond to
comments and update the document, first to Draft International Standard,
and then to International Standard (IS) 

All told, this is expected to be about a 2 year process, but the heavy
lifting will be in the first months.

If you are interested in becoming involved, let Frances know and she
will add you to the list. Let her know as well if you can help with the
outline and/or what areas you could best support. According to Frances,
you don't need to become a formal member of WG15 to help in the effort,
but they always welcome new members.

Although most of the real work will be done via email, Frances expect
that a few teleconferences will be useful. They will also have a
semi-formal meeting as part of the IEEE Joint Technical Committee
meeting, sometime during the week of January 11-15 in Orlando (see
http://www.pestechnical.org/ <http://www.pestechnical.org/> ), and a
formal meeting of WG15 in the April/May timeframe (TBD) in Europe.


*     Frances M. Cleveland   
*    Xanthus Consulting International 
*     369 Fairview Ave
*     Boulder Creek, CA 95006
*     Tel:  (831) 338-3175
*     Cell: (831) 229-1043 
*     fcleve@xanthus-consulting.com
*     fcleve@ix.netcom.com   
*     www.xanthus-consulting.com



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