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Subject: conclusion of the length attribute issue raised by Larry H.

Hi Robert –


Please see the minutes from Subash (as soon as they’re available) for the wrap-up of the discussion. My understanding of the consensus was that explicitly including crypto length for create would be worthwhile.


Anyone else with comments/corrections/suggestions on this topic, please post them to reflector or send to Robert directly.






From: Larry.Hofer@Emulex.Com [mailto:Larry.Hofer@Emulex.Com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 4:33 PM
To: kmip@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Larry.Hofer@Emulex.Com
Subject: [kmip] late comment against KMIP 1.0




Sorry, but here's a late comment I have after further investigation.


I see that for the create operation, servers shall set the crypto (key) length when an object is created or registered.

And in it calls for the section 3.6 defined crypto parameters to be optional on a create operation request.

This seems to be a bit inconsistent in what a client can optionally request.



Late Emulex Comment:

Can we also add an optional ability to request a key length to go with the create operation?  It would make sense to me that clients may want to request both if they request crypto parameters.  I'm not saying that the length can't be set by the server, but I do not see a way for a client to request a particular length if it wanted to. The server could respond indicating what it was willing to set for the length.



I would like this technical comment added to the public review comment list.




Larry H


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