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Subject: KMIPv1.0 changes regarding Operation Policy

Hi All,
As promised during yesterday's TC call, here is the background for the proposed changes to the Operation Policy Name section 3.13.2:

1) include Re-certify into the list of operations outside policy control (3.13.1): the motivation here is to be consistent with Certify that is already part of this list.

2) remove Certify from the list in (policies for certs and public keys): it is inconsistent with having it in the list in 3.13.1

3) as a result of 1), remove Re-Certify similarly to 2).

4) In both Tables 60 and 61 (policies for template), add a row that says "when used within a Template-Attribute Parameter", with the same policy as for the Locate operation. This covers the cases when a template is used as a parameter to operations, such as Create.


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