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Subject: RE: FW: [kmip] KMIP :: Doubts

Hi Trinath,

Somanchi Trinath-B22327 <B22327@freescale.com> wrote on 08.10.2010 09:31:53:

> Will GET ATTRIBUTES operation returns NAME attribute when queried? I
> have checked with IBM, HP and Cryptsoft servers, all are not
> returning NAME attribute though request specifies NAME attribute in it.


Yes, the Get Attributes operation returns the Name attribute when queried.

I could not find any Get Attributes requests from you in our server log.
However, retrieving the Name attribute is tested in Use Case 3.1.4 which
should be supported by all server implementers. If you are having some
issues with a specific implementer's server, it is best to contact them
directly. It would also be helpful if you could send the TTLV message
exchange related to any error.


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