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Subject: RE: preparing to vote for submission of KMIP V1.1 Committee Specifications to OASIS membership

QuintessenceLabs draft SoU attached.





As we’ve discussed in earlier TC calls, we will also need to have at least 3 Statements of Use – preferably at least in draft form at the time we initiate this ballot.  We suggest the following, by way of process for these SoUs:


-          Any organization that is an OASIS member who is interested in having a Statement of Use included in the submission to OASIS should distribute a draft to the KMIP TC by end-of-day (EDT) Wednesday 27-June. The SoU must specify one or more profiles for which the SoU claims conformance. Note that for any profile included in the SoU, all of the conformance clauses not explicitly marked as optional within the profile must have been implemented and tested in order to make such a conformance claim.

Attachment: QLABS-SOU.pdf
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